Score one for vegans!

A&W released a new Beyond Burger, a vegan-friendly option, on July 9th in over 1,000 stores across Canada. The burger was incredibly well-received, having sold out in several stores on the first day of release, as reported by LIVEKINDLY. But what exactly is the Beyond Burger? Could a vegan burger really generate this much hype? What are people's reactions to this unique sandwich? Read on to learn everything you need to know about this delicious phenomenon.

What Is The Beyond Burger?

vegan beyond burger

The A&W Beyond Burger is actually a vegan burger created by Beyond Meat, which is partnered with A&W for a wide release of its product. It uses pea protein, coconut oil, water and canola oil as its main ingredients, along with a plethora of other ingredients to create a patty that claims to taste like a traditional beef burger. The signature ingredient in the burger is red beet juice, which not only gives the patty a red hue to look like regular beef, but also makes the burger "bleed" when it's being cooked, further adding to its role as a stand-in for meat. Evidently, if A&W has agreed to sell this burger across all of Canada, its flavor must be something to write home about, but does it really take the place of a quality, fresh beef burger? These folks were lucky enough to try it before it sold out -- see their thoughts for yourself!

What Are People Saying About The Beyond Burger?

Several stores ran out of the vegan patties on the first day, and with good reason -- the reception for these burgers has been nothing short of outstanding.

"It honestly tasted really good and I would order it again. A&W isn't cheap but they make good food and use top ingredients." Reddit user Narayan04 posted in response to the story.

"It was super tasty, I don't eat much fast food burger stuff but I would definitely have one again. Pricey though" added yousyveshughs, another user.

Twitter also exploded with people's reactions to the wonderful burger as well.

Although there has been some concern of cross-contamination when it comes to preparing these burgers at A&W restaurants -- the patties are being cooked on the same grill as meat-based products. This is definitely a problem for several vegans.

A&W has gone on to say that they're preparing another plant-based product to introduce into the menu, but in the meantime, while they'll do their best to clean the grill and avoid cross-contamination, specific demands such as cooking on separate grills will likely not be met.

If there's an A&W near you, get over there and try this amazing burger...assuming there's still some left!

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