Sparkling water isn't just a phase, it's a way of life. From cult favorite La Croix to classic champion Perrier to new kid on the block Spindrift, we'll break down the best of the best sparkling waters and highlight cool facts and flavors about these carbonated beverages. They're also gaining traction and popularity with alcoholic sparkling water. Hydration station, here we come!

1. Pellegrino

bottle of pellegrino submerged in green water

No roundup of sparkling water can be complete without the Italian stallion, San Pellegrino. Owned by Nestle since the 1990's, this brand of bubbly water is still crafted in the Italian province of Bergamo. There's a reason one billion bottles of this mineral beverage were sold last year alone; it's simple and delicious. Pellegrino is also really easy to find online and is available in countless restaurants worldwide.

Our Favorite Flavor(s) include the original for its simplicity and Blood Orange for a sweet citrus kick

2. Sparkling Ice

sparkling ice brand of water

Launched in 1992, Sparkling Ice is next on our list and for good reason; these bubbling beauties contain zero calories and zero sugar and come in a huge variety of creative flavors. As an added bonus, they have a touch of green tea for a little caffeine boost, are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Who would have guessed that a little carbonic acid that creates carbon dioxide in sparkling water could have so many benefits? Not to mention Sparkling Ice is super refreshing, fruity, and bubble-icious. Order it on Amazon or find it at your local grocery store; we recommend starting with a variety pack so you can sample a ton of flavors and pick your new go-to. We're obsessed!

Our Favorite Flavor(s): Black Raspberry is just sweet enough to be interesting. And the bubbles are on point.

3. La Croix

boxes of la croix water

We know La Croix means "the cross" in French, but we think it should mean the king. This bubbly beverage is truly top dog when it comes to all sparkling water brands. Even the garish 80's-style packaging won't scare us away from the countless flavors and crisp deliciousness of La Croix. The subtle fruit notes and powerful bubbles combine for the ultimate in sparkling water perfection.

Our Favorite Flavor(s): Grapefruit aka Pamplemousse, Apricot, and Passionfruit. Pro tip: avoid the Coconut flavor like the plague. Ew.

4. Spindrift

cans of spindrift on grocery shelf

Spindrift is a newer brand of bubble water, having launched in 2010 in the Boston, Massachusetts area. What makes it unique is the use of real fruit juice to flavor their products. Truly, the only two ingredients are fruit juice and water, as the vague natural flavors additives have been fully phased out of any new cans. And you can even feel good about each purchase since the company donates one percent of sales back to environmentally-conscious causes. Win-Win. Even cooler? The word spindrift "means the spray that comes off of an ocean wave or snowy mountain when the wind blows".

Our Favorite Flavor(s): We are all about that Cucumber goodness in a cute can. It's super refreshing!

5. Perrier

bottle of perrier with dark background

Perrier is an old school sparkling beverage company, but they've remained relevant in this competitive age. Spring-sourced in France, each lovely signature teardrop bottle is said to contain 50 million bubbles. It's also free of sugar, caffeine, and calories, and readily available commercially and at restaurants.

Our Favorite Flavor(s): this slim can of Lime goodness

6. Voss Sparkling

plain bottle of voss sparkling water

We are super impressed with Voss' new foray into bubbling beverages. The sleek Scandinavian design of the bottle draws us in, plus the newly-launched flavored sparkling options are fierce. They even contain no sugar, no calories, and no artificial sweeteners, the trifecta of a great brand of sparkling hydration. Plus, the water is sourced from a natural aquifer in Norway, is super pure and high quality, and contains trace minerals. Well done Voss!

Our Favorite Flavor(s): We dig the slightly Asian flair of Tangerine Lemongrass.

7. Topo Chico

woman drinking bottled water

Topo Chico is a veteran brand of sparkling mineral water from a mountain spring in Monterrey, Mexico. It has even been bottled since 1895, whoa! We love the retro style glass vessel that's reminiscent of a charming can of Mexican Coca-Cola. Coincidentally, Topo Chico was acquired by Coke in 2017. The only downside to this unexpected delight? This stunning sparkler is currently only available in Mexico and the United States.

Our Favorite Flavor(s): We love the plain varietal. Why mess with perfection?

8. Poland Spring

bottle of Poland Spring water on dark background

Poland Spring water is not actually bottled in Poland, the country in Europe. In fact, it's bottled in the town of Poland, Maine in the United States. We love that for over ten years, the company has used less plastic in their bottling processes in an effort to be more environmentally-sound. Even better? Their sparkling beverages are fruity, extra bubbly, and refreshing.

Our Favorite Flavor(s): Sparkling Black Cherry is such a crowd pleaser.

9. Canada Dry

six pack of Canada Dry

Canada Dry is for more than just your in-flight Ginger Ale fix. They actually offer an incredible sparkling seltzer water as well. Not only does it make a killer base for your favorite alcoholic libations on party night, but it can rehydrate you the next day too. Lemon Lime, Raspberry, and Mandarin Orange flavors offer some fruity fun, but we are majorly crushing on the original plain variety. The company has been bottling since 1904, and we think they're really got it figured out! They're extremely active in the club soda category as well.

Our Favorite Flavor(s): You can't go wrong with the Original Sparkling Seltzer Water.

10. Bubly

can of bubly
Oola Team

Pepsi Co's trendy take on sparkling water is the new Bubly Brand. The cute and colorful cans are just the beginning of what we like about Bubly. Their tagline is "No calories. No sweeteners. All smiles." Accordingly, each of their eight cool flavors has its own greeting on the tab and its own smile on the can.

Our Favorite Flavor(s): Sparkling Strawberry is an absolute gem!

So overall, we've rounded up the best of the best sparkling waters for your drinking pleasure. From vintage originals to inventive new flavor combinations, there's surely something for everyone on our list.

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