When you hear the word "free" it's already pretty impossible not to get excited. But throw in "free French fries" and we're already sold.

If you haven't heard about it yet, McDonald's is offering free French fries in addition to their free drinks promotion. Before you get too excited, though, you should know that all good things in life come with a price, and the fast food conglomerate is no exception. You're only able to get the free fries under two conditions, both of which push their app onto you.

McDonald's fries close up

Clear out some space on your phone (and in your wallets), because the promotion for free McDonald's fries is only valid for customers who download the McDonald's app and spend at least one dollar through it, excluding tax. If you're not particularly interested in fries or even in free drinks, McDonald's is willing to offer you a free coffee... as soon as you order five cups of joe first.

Much like competing fast food chains, McDonald's realizes the importance of appealing to millennials and plugging their app to those who are already on their phone a great deal. It's not unheard of for companies to introduce new apps to stay relevant or to draw attention to their business. Facebook performed a similar move when they cut out messaging from their app and brought an entirely new app to the table, simply for messaging.

If you're looking to download the McDonald's app, you'll have until December 30th to stock up on free fries. The promotion started on July 13 in celebration of National French Fry Day.

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