When it comes to easy homemade meals and go-to cheese products, there's no ignoring that many of us have long turned to Kraft foods. When you think of Kraft Singles you think of all the dishes like grilled cheese, and mac and cheese that you've been able to quickly whip up for yourself, or for your family. In fact, you probably have a pack of single slices in your fridge right now!

However, health and food critics have long called attention to the brand for their lack of transparency in their products. The real question here has been: are Kraft products truly healthy to consume?

Kraft Singles at a grocery store.

The Answer

An interview from Tech Insider with USDA research chemist Michael Tunick revealed our worst fears. The truth is that these cheese products are highly processed. In order to create these products, much older cheeses are ground up and mixed with newer cheeses. This is essentially done to extend the life and possibilities of their cheese products.

Once the newer and older cheeses are ground together, an emulsifier is added in order to make everything melt together. This very process is essentially used for anything labeled 'pasteurized processed cheese spread' or 'pasteurized processed cheese product'.

Kraft Singles don't even make it to 51% cheese, according to another study performed by the FDA. That's why Kraft can't even legally refer to their Singles as cheese, and instead calls it a "pasteurized prepared cheese product".

A tray of real, delicious, cheese.

Go ahead and take a packet out of your own fridge, and read the ingredient list for yourself. They use a lot of different ingredients because only a little over half of their actual product is made with cheese. The rest is filler products. The actual label reads like this: cheddar cheese, whey, water, protein concentrate, milk, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, milkfat, gelatin, salt, sodium phosphate, lactic acid (as a preservative), annatto and paprika extract (for color), enzymes, Vitamin A palmitate, cheese culture, and Vitamin D3.

The Takeaway

Knowing what you're eating should help you make the right decisions for you and your family. Just be mindful and always push for transparency so you can stay informed!

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