Turns out that people will have mayonnaise for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and now, dessert.

An ice cream shop (aptly named "ICE") in Falkirk, Scotland has created a unique flavor to add to their ice cream arsenal -- mayonnaise. Several scoops of mayonnaise are added to the traditional ice cream recipe for a "full-on hit of fat and cream followed with an eggy milky aftertaste ... yum!" ICE owner Kyle Gentleman told TODAY.

Needless to say, the combination of two common yet contrasting ingredients has sparked a huge reaction and much debate. Why would you combine a sandwich condiment with ice cream? Does it even taste good? Read on to learn about this treat, as well as people's reactions to it.

While ICE provides many classic flavors of ice cream such as strawberry, vanilla, and cookie dough, the mayonnaise-flavored treat is just one of their "unique" inventions to try and shake up the dessert world. The store also serves a "Monster" ice cream, flavored with Monster Energy drinks, and has been known to serve ice cream infused with alcoholic beverages.

Gentleman's previous ice cream inventions have gotten him viral attention before, and this mayonnaise creation is no different, creating a polarizing reaction across the Internet. Many people took to Twitter to express their disgust.

Mayonnaise-flavored ice cream isn't inherently a bad combination, as the main ingredient in mayonnaise, egg yolks, lends itself to dessert items such as custard (which is generally egg yolks cooked with milk or cream.) While mayonnaise wouldn't be as sweet as traditional custard, it can add an extra layer of creaminess to regular ice cream.

Supporters were quick to point out that while the thought of mayonnaise and ice cream seems initially disgusting, the two combined actually could make for creamy, delicious treat. One could argue that, so long as it's not mostly mayonnaise, the flavor won't be too noticeable and it will make the ice cream even creamier overall.

So, where do you stand on the topic of mayonnaise-flavored ice cream? Do you love the condiment enough to give it a shot? Whether or not it catches on, one thing is certain: ICE's new attempts at creating unique and interesting ice cream flavors will keep them on our radar in the future.

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