Peeling garlic skins is a daunting task and unfortunately, they are too small for a regular peeler. However, there are ways to peel garlic quickly. These methods are easy and will boost your garlic-peeling confidence.

Shake It

peeling garlic

This is a method that many culinary experts swear by. With that being said, it does take some time to get the hang out it.

  • Start by separating a bulb of garlic. To do this, place the bulb on your counter or cutting board with the shoots facing up. Strike the top of the bulb with the heel of your hand, the cloves should easily separate. If the clove is dry or if you have sensitive skin, you can hit the top of the clove with a bowl or another solid object.
  • Next, place the garlic cloves in a metal or ceramic bowl. Then, place another bowl upside down on top of it. You can also place the garlic cloves in a Tupperware bowl or plastic container with a secure lid.
  • Shake the bowl vigorously for 15 seconds. Be sure that you hear the garlic banging against each other and the sides of the bowl or container. This method forces the garlic cloves' skin to come off.
  • Pour out the garlic cloves and their skins. If some of the cloves are partially peeled, repeat the same shaking process.

Smash It

crushing garlic with knife

You've probably seen chefs on cooking shows use this technique and for good reason. It's straightforward and only requires one utensil--a chef's knife.

  • Start by placing the garlic on a flat surface. Then, place the knife over the clove with the sharp edge away from you. Make sure to exercise caution and not be careless with your fingers.
  • Place your palm over the blade and lightly press down. The purpose of this is to not totally obliterate the garlic but to loosen the skin so it is easy to peel from the garlic.
  • Remove the knife from the garlic clove and proceed to remove the skin.

Peel It (Using a Silicone Peeler)

garlic rolled up

Garlic peelers have to be one of the greatest inventions known to man. It's affordable, usually costing $5, and it's simple to use. They come in the form of a long cylinder or flat sheet that you can roll up.

To use a silicon peeler, start by separating the garlic cloves from the bulb. Next, insert the clove into the tube and place it on the cutting board or flat and sturdy surface. If you are using a flat sheet, roll the cloves up inside the sheet and hold it firmly to ensure that it doesn't unravel.

Roll the silicone cylinder with your fingertips, applying pressure. It is worth mentioning that applying too much pressure will cause the skin to bruise or burst which will release garlic juice and will decrease the garlic peeler's effectiveness. Turn the peeler sideways to dump out the garlic cloves, and if you are using a flat peeler, just unroll it.

Uses for Garlic

You probably didn't know that garlic can be used for an array of things other than cooking and keeping vampires at bay. Some of them include:

Clearing acne - Instead of reaching for the Noxzema pads, grab a clove of garlic for pesky breakouts. The antioxidants in garlic help to kill bacteria, so all you have to do is rub garlic on a blemish to help diminish it.

Removing a splinter - According to this folk medicine procedure, if you have a splinter, you should place a piece of garlic over the sliver and cover it with a band-aid or duct tape. There really isn't a scientific or medical explanation on why this works but many swear by this holistic solution.

Treating athlete's foot - While there are many over the counter solutions to athlete's foot, soaking your feet in garlic and warm water is just as effective. The anti-fungal properties in garlic help to relieve athlete's foot.

Getting rid of cold sores - Banish cold sores with a clove of garlic. Just place a piece of crushed garlic directly on the cold sore. The garlic's natural anti-inflammatory properties will reduce pain and swelling. In addition, garlic supplements are just as effective in this case.

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