An accumulation of rust on our cookware or our precious modes of transportation is never fun. Try as we might, there just isn't an effective method of preventing rust sometimes, and we need to break out the cleaning supplies to fix it. Though you may have heard of the classic Coca-Cola method, there's a new kid in town by the name of laser cleaning.

Laser cleaning is an efficient and oh-so-satisfying cleaning method that involves, you guessed it, lasers. We aren't exactly at the stage of seeing laser beams in your local hardware store, but some people have filmed the results of laser rust removal tools online. The good news is that some of the videos show laser cleaning on a pot, so it may be that these tools are on their way sooner than we think.

It might seem a little unorthodox but the result is nothing to complain about!

an old rusty pot on a stove top

What Exactly Is Laser Cleaning?

This particular method makes rust a thing of the past with a laser beam that cleans metal without causing any permanent damage to the surface. The beam essentially mixes microplasma, high thermal pressure, and shockwaves to peel away any rust. What happens to the surface is that the grime melts from the heat of the laser.

How Much Does Laser Cleaning Cost?

if you have an extra $80,000 to $480,000 lying around, then laser cleaning is within your reach. For the majority of us, however, we'll be sticking with traditional cleaning methods that won't cost us an organ on the black market. Not to mention, these costs really apply to the industrial kind of lasers that are used on cars or larger pieces of machinery that we don't have lying around in our garages.

There are some smaller lasers available for purchase, though. The Mobile Laser Cleaning System is a tool you can look into getting for yourself. It promises to be safe so long as you follow manufacturer rules and doesn't require any serious maintenance. You'd need to contact the company directly for a quote, but there are laser rust removal tools on the market. The only thing we can say is to maybe brace yourselves (and your wallet) after hearing those prices above.

What Does Laser Cleaning Look Like?

If you haven't seen the videos for laser cleaning, well, feast your eyes on how it's done. As you can see, the beam cuts through the rust without causing any serious or long-lasting damage to the surface. This video also shows what seems to be a pot getting a much-needed rust cleanse. So, there may be tools coming out specifically catering to home use as opposed to heavier machinery or professionals.

That final result shown in the last frame of the video is only a further testament to just how well laser beams work on getting rid of rust. You may need to go over the surface more than once, but restoring cookware to its original glory is worth the time.

Just like with any product, you'd obviously want to ensure you're following the instructions and not going crazy trying to melt a layer off of surfaces in your home. But if manufacturers bring a laser rust removal tool to the home, it would be way more satisfying than pouring some baking soda on your pots and pans!

Here we have a popular laser cleaning video that has raked in over four million views since its 2016 release. This is a much more powerful laser and it's clearly being used on a piece of metal we wouldn't just have around the house. But look at that baby go!

The cool thing about this video is that the filmer shows various different laser rust removal tools, including handheld and machine head beams. To watch the rust be stripped right off of various pipes and pieces of metal really is amazing. It's especially incredulous to think of how tough those stubborn rust stains around the house have been and to compare it to someone who just peels the rust right off without a second thought!

As you can see, this video also shows how laser rust removal is great for getting rid of heavy paint.

a rusty chain hanging from a wooden fence

It may be a while yet until we see any literal laser beams hitting store shelves or being sold en masse online. But after seeing the amazing power of it, it can be hard to pass up an offer when the opportunity arises. Until we get our hands on a laser of our own we can at least enjoy videos from the lucky devils who get to burn rust right off of surfaces without having a bottle of soda handy.

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