Do the words "McGold Card" mean anything to you? Of course not! Us plebs are unworthy of the prized gold McDonald's card that allows free food from the golden arches and their overlords to be bestowed upon us.

The McGold Card is given to a select few people who are then granted with free Mcdonald's food, sometimes for a year, sometimes for an undetermined amount of time. The gold cards also have their own set of rules, some of which include only being good at certain locations and the common folk not being able to purchase one. Always a catch, right?

Well, McDonald's knows we can't resist their Big Macs and nuggets, so they've announced a new contest with the ultimate prize: a McGold card.

a woman outside eating mcdonald's fries

On August 8, the fast-food chain posted a tweet announcing the details of the contest. if you order through their Mobile Order & Pay on the app between August 10 - 24, you'll have a chance to be the lucky winner. According to further contest details, you can enter as many times as you like so long as it's through the mobile order and pay system. Also, it's not one of those gold cards that expire in a year. This baby is good for life.

Delish reports that once you win you'll get your name etched into a first-and-only-of-its-kind mobile McGold Card that comes as a 24-carat gold-plated phone case... because, why not?

Previous owners of the McGold Card have ranged from celebrities like Rob Lowe and Bill Gates to Charles Ramsey.

Ramsey found fame and was labeled a hero in 2013 when he discovered two girls who had been missing for nearly a decade (Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus) and a third woman (Michelle Knight). Ramsey became an overnight sensation when his interview went viral. "I heard screaming. I was eating my McDonald's... I come outside and I see this girl going nuts trying to get out of this house." He recalled how he went up to the porch only for the girl, who turned out to be Amanda Berry, to beg for help and say she had been trapped for a long time. He then phoned the police and they came to rescue the three women. A famous quote from his interview was, "I knew something was wrong when a pretty little white girl ran into a black man's arms. Dead giveaway."

Given that Ramsey mentioned in almost interview how he was eating McDonald's at the time of the rescue, the fast-food company offered him one of their McGold Cards, and rightly so!

Celebrities made their way into the contest tweet from McDonald's as well. Swedish TV personality Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (Remember him? He's the guy on the "Aliens" meme.) was featured in a video that accompanied the tweet. "The McGold Card isn't some bedtime story," Tsoukalos says. "It's real... like aliens."

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