Okay, so when we think about our favorite Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors our mouths tend to water. I don't know about anyone else, but I would do just about anything to get my hands on my favorite DQ Blizzard. But, if I'm also being honest, I don't know if I would do absolutely everything...

A Dairy Queen owner in Calgary, Canada, is stumped by a smell that's been haunting him and his location since its 2015 open. He's been trying for years to figure out what the smell is, or where it's even coming from, but he's stumped. So now he's turning to the good Blizzard-loving people for help. If you can help owner Sujad Bandali locate and determine the smell he's prepared to reward you with a year of free weekly Blizzards of your choice. Not a bad deal right?

a DQ blizzard on a table with two spoons in it

So, what kind of smell are we talking about exactly? Bandali told CBC that "it smells like natural gas, it smells like propane, rotten eggs." That might sound bad, but he added that as soon as you walk in you only smell it for a moment before it leaves you to enjoy your ice cream.

"We went into panic mode because we thought there was a leak," Bandali also told CBC. "We had firefighters come in and ATCO come in a few hours before we were supposed to open for friends and family. They tested everything and everything seemed fine."

He turned things over to the landlord who sent out experts to analyze everything and no one discovered any leaks. Bandali said that a building maintenance worker almost ended the nightmare when he suspected the smell was coming from the sewer. But after they flushed the drain out entirely the smell lived on.

He's now turning to the general public. A sign posted to the front of the location's door reads: "Attention: Please do not be alarmed if you smell gas. Be assured there is no gas leakage." It further explains how ATCO, the fire department, and additional experts have conducted an analysis of the area without locating the smell or discovering the cause. "Anyone who can solve this mystery will get a free blizzard once a week for a whole year," the sign concludes.

So if you really love DQ Blizzards, free things, or free DQ Blizzards, then you should take a whack at the smell. Some customers have reported not being able to smell anything seemingly too toxic or nauseating, but maybe you'll feel a little differently.

If you or your friends are interested in cracking the case you can head over to the Dairy Queen in the 11100 block of 14th Street N.E.

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