Garlic is our actual all-time favorite ingredient. Just think about it...what transforms and flavors almost any type of cuisine you can imagine? Obviously, the answer is delicious fresh garlic cloves. The only bummer? Dealing with that garlicky smell on our hands after cooking. It just won't come off! Enter our newest kitchen hack, guaranteed to improve life for our hardworking home chefs. Read on for the ultimate game-changing garlic tip, the winner's version of how to peel garlic!

What You'll Need To Peel Garlic

close up of garlic bulb
  • head of fresh garlic
  • glass jar, with lid
  • small bowl
  • fork
  • a can-do attitude

How To Do It

glass jar with lid

Now that you've assembled the necessary items, prepare to have your mind blown with our best way to peel garlic.

Step #1: Just A Jar?

Place your full, unpeeled head of garlic into a clean glass jar. Fasten with lid.

Step #2: Shake It Off, Shake It Off, Ooo Ooo

Using your hands, vigorously shake the jar until you begin to see the garlic skin separating from the cloves. Optionally remove the outer skin at this time.

garlic cloves on burlap cloth
Volodymyr Plysiuk/Shutterstock

Step #3: Keep Shaking

Next, keep shaking the jar until most of the peel has been removed from the pretty little cloves. Empty the mixture into a small bowl.

Step #4: Final Hurrah

Using a fork, carefully remove the garlic skins and leave the newly peeled cloves. Optionally rinse with water to remove any stubborn peel residue. Be sure to only rinse the cloves you are going to use immediately.

Now you can get to cooking, without smelling like garlic for the next two days. We call that a win-win!

bowl of peeled garlic

Other Notes

Since you've mastered our great new garlic hack, there's just a few other pointers we'd like to share.

  • Instead of a jar with lid, the above steps may be completed with a mixing bowl topped with a cutting board. Either way, you get the same ideal result.
  • Once the garlic has been successfully peeled, you can store it in an air tight bag in the freezer. Or, feel free to preserve it in olive oil in the fridge.
  • Still don't feel like peeling your garlic? Check out our amazing garlic confit olive oil for an alternative.
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