Bacon makes everything better. This crispy meat is a flavorful way to ramp up any meal. The only bummer? Waiting for an oven to preheat to the appropriate temperature or constantly monitoring your skillet are time-consuming and/or labor intensive. We're here to change all that, with our guide to the ultimate microwave bacon. Prepare for easy-peasy crispy perfection, in just a fraction of the time.

Microwave Bacon? Are You Sure?

pieces of freshly cooked bacon

Besides the obvious benefit of a quicker cook time with less effort, there's more to know about microwave bacon. We also love that it's hands-free and creates very little mess to clean up. For best results, we like this micro method when you just need a few slices, no more than 8. For an entire package, oven or skillet methods would work better. But for a quick breakfast for two on a busy weekday, or for a delish garnish for your dinner salad, microwaving is just the ticket. Now that you know the basics of this approach, read on for our step-by-step guide to perfectly cooked microwave bacon.

bacon tray

What You'll Need

Before we can begin, assemble these few items for our easiest microwave bacon.

  • paper towels
  • microwave-safe plate (or optional bacon tray)
  • Slices of bacon (any thickness, just make sure they're all evenly sliced)
  • tongs or fork
  • oven mitt
stack of bacon


Let's get shakin', bacon cause now it's time to tackle this microwave meat!

Step #1: Paper Towel Prep

Layer three paper towels on the bottom of a microwave-safe dish or plate, underneath the bacon; this helps to keep your bacon crispy just like traditional methods such as skillet or oven. Pro tip: if using the optional bacon tray listed above, skip the paper towels. This piece of equipment is specifically designed for the fat to drain into the bottom. Therefore, the paper towels aren't needed to soak up any rendered fat.

Step #2: Better With Bacon

Next, carefully separate the slices of bacon and lay onto the prepped plate. Be sure that the slices don't overlap, or they won't cook evenly. Place two more paper towels on top of the bacon. This sandwich will help to ensure that the bacon is effectively cooked. Extra bonus? Your kitchen won't smell like bacon for days (though we wouldn't mind that at all).

raw bacon strips on paper towels

Step #3: Cook Time

Next, cook at high power for about fifty seconds per slice of bacon. It is vital that you use the high power setting so that your bacon fat renders and the meat crisps. Then, carefully remove from microwave just before the bacon is done, as it will continue to cook for a few moments outside of the oven. For chewier bacon, choose a thicker cut option and cook a little shorter. For crispiest variety, we recommend turkey bacon or a thin cut of traditional pork bacon meat.

Now get ready to tackle easy microwave bacon. We promise you'll be a convert right away.

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