You've seen the decorations in stores, you've heard the advertisements on the radio - Halloween is officially on its way. Just like any other holiday, people like to invite their friends and family over for a party when the spooky holiday pops up on our calendars. Even though we don't need to make a turkey or prepare stuffing, Halloween still comes with its fair share of treats that need to be made. These Halloween appetizer recipes will give you the inspiration you need to make your next party a hit.

Easy Halloween Appetizers

1. Spider Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs with fake spiders on them

Just because I think every spider is plotting my death doesn't mean they can't be used as part of your Halloween party food. These creepy crawlies can easily be added onto deviled eggs and not only will they serve as an appetizer for the adults, but they'll also give them something to talk about. Let's just hope your eight-legged friends don't scare guests away.

2. Halloween Cheese And Crackers

If this isn't the cutest Halloween appetizer I don't know what is. This simple recipe for cheese and crackers is a great way to put out something easy with a creative spin. All you really need to do is carve the cheese into bats, ghosts, or pumpkins and place them on crackers of your choice. If you're not someone who's a culinary expert, this is one of those easy Halloween party food recipes you can use without breaking a sweat.

3. Mummy Buckeyes

These adorable little cookies are something simple you can make without many ingredients or a lot of time. Decorating cookies, especially the two-bite kind, is really simple and they work well as Halloween appetizers. This is also a terrific recipe to use if you have little ones running around at home. They'll love making these cookies into mummies.

4. Strawberry Ghosts

a woman holding a chocolate strawberry decorated like a ghost

Nothing really tops the list of appetizers quite like chocolate covered strawberries do. Well, there are ways to get them ready for your Halloween party by making them into ghosts. These will keep your guests preoccupied until dinner is ready and they're also not hard to create, making them the perfect recipe to turn to if you need something fast.

5. Cauldron Dip

Okay, so maybe your guests don't have a sweet tooth. Or maybe they don't want to inhale chocolate covered strawberries right before a yummy dinner. There's an answer to the predicament with this simple dip. Dips already make an appearance at just about every party but now they can be the star of the show with this spooky twist. With only a half-hour necessary to put everything together, this is a go-to recipe.

6. Candy Corn Jello Shots

If you have a bunch of adults coming over then you might just be the host of the year by making them jello shots. Not just any jello shots, of course. This is Halloween we're talking about. These easy shots might take you a bit of time to make but the delicious end result will be worth it. They resemble candy corn but will taste way better than the actual thing.

7. Tangerine Pumpkins And Banana Ghosts

Bananas and tangerines dressed to look like ghosts and pumpkins

As far as healthy Halloween appetizers go, this tops the list. Just because you need to give your guests something to munch on before dinner doesn't mean you need to clog their arteries with sugar. This simple recipe turns your fruit into cute little Halloween creatures like ghosts and pumpkins. It's also not something that's super heavy so you know guests will still be hungry come dinnertime.

8. Poison Toffee Apples

Your Halloween party food is about to get a creepy makeover with these poison apples. Okay, so these aren't actually poison but they sure do look like it. With just a few drops of black food dye, these ordinary apples will take on this sinister look in an instant.

9. Caramel Peanut Popcorn Snack Mix

Sure, chips and dip have been the classic party snack for decades, but a traditional mix is just as worthy of an appearance. Sometimes when we're in a pinch we need easy Halloween appetizers to take the load off our shoulders. That's why a simple mix is a helpful appetizer to turn to. The colors will let this Halloween party food match the holiday's aesthetic perfectly.

10. Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

a stuffed orange pepper with a jack-o-lantern face cut into it

And here you thought jack-o-lanterns were only used for pumpkin stencils. These creative Halloween appetizers for stuffed peppers require you to turn the faces of orange peppers into jack-o-lanterns. Not only will your guests get a hearty appetizer before the main event, but these little faces will keep your Halloween spirit on point.

11. Flayed Man Cheese Ball

Serving your guests spooky Halloween appetizers is a good way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Normally when we see or hear the word "flayed" our hairs tend to stand up, but now guests can indulge in a poor flayed man's face. This great recipe for a cheese ball app successfully creeps out guests while also giving them something tasty to eat.

12. Severed Toes In Bandages

Keeping up with gross body parts, this recipe encourages you to give a twist to your traditional pigs in a blanket app. They might not look the most appetizing (come on, we're talking toes wrapped in bread over here) but this creative spin on a classic app makes your Halloween party the right amount of creepy.

13. Pretzel Broomstick

cheese sticks and pretzels made to look like brooksticks

Some Halloween party appetizers online look like they take up way too much time or they're just a tad out of your realm. Well, there are really easy ones to make like this quick pretzel broomstick that only needs three ingredients and ten minutes to create. They still match the holiday's aesthetic but can be made in a fraction of the time.

14. Ghost S'mores Dip

As much as we like snuggling up with tea in front of the window on a cool day, sometimes it's a little too cold to actually venture outside. That's why this recipe for a ghost s'mores dip will allow you to bring one of fall's outdoor activities indoors. It's quick to make, captures the spirit of Halloween, and allows people to indulge in a classic treat.

15. Jack Skellington Ricotta Olive Tarts

It wouldn't really be Halloween without including Jack Skellington. There are lots of easy Halloween appetizers that welcome him to the party, like this ricotta olive tart. Not only are the tarts super easy to make, but they also require that you add Jack's face onto each one you make. These keep things holiday-friendly without being a little too creepy.

16. Halloween Jalapeno Poppers

jalapenos with bread around them to look like mummies

Jalapeno poppers are another one of those classic, easy Halloween appetizers you can make to satisfy guests. These little guys are a creative spin on the original kind and will yield enough to feed everyone attending your party. They also won't take up a significant amount of time either, so you can make them if you're pressed for time.

17. Puking Pumpkin Guacamole

Once you're all done carving your pumpkins you can put them to an additional use. If you carve a simple face into your pumpkin you can lay the guacamole on a plate in front of it with some chips, but have some of the guacamole coming out of your pumpkin's mouth. It's a little gross to look at but it will no doubt entertain your guests.

18. Halloween Graveyard Appetizer

Okay, so we've had dip and guacamole, but what about salsa? Don't worry, we haven't forgotten the classic party favorite. This easy recipe only really requires you to make the tortilla chips into various spooky shapes. You can make your own salsa if you so choose, but store-bought works all the same. It really all depends on the time you have.

19. Severed Finger Cheese Sticks

a person cutting a cheese string to look like a finger

One of the best Halloween appetizers to make for your party is cheese sticks. Cheese sticks are already a super quick app, but you can give them a creepy twist by making them into fingers. It doesn't take much time but the overall product gets the job done. Not to mention, you can use store-bought string cheese as well if you're really in a pinch.

20. Ghost Pizzas

The final item we have here is a ghost pizza. All you need to do is get creative with the cheese you're using and plop some olives down for the face and voila. They're bite-sized too so you know your guests won't get too stuffed before you serve them dinner. An added bonus to this recipe is that they're kid-friendly too, so little ones can help you make them or indulge in them themselves.

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