Okay, so candy corn isn't for everyone. We all have that one friend (or several) who don't think candy corn tastes good or they simply prefer another candy over this traditional trio. While it might not suit their tastes, candy corn is just right for many others.

Candy corn isn't just reserved for Halloween anymore either (though October 30 is its national day). There are so many flavors out there that cater to additional holidays like Christmas and Easter. With that in mind, there are still lots of different flavors for Halloween and they might just be better than the original.

Candy Corn Flavours

1. Cookies

close up of cookie candy corn

The newest kid on the block is the cookie flavored candy corn. Not only is this latest flavor encapsulating the taste of two snacks in one, but they tried to give you multiple cookies to choose from. Each piece is color-coded to match a certain cookie and the ones you have to choose from are chocolate chip, oatmeal, cookies 'n' cream, and butter cookies.

2. Sour Patch Kids

a closeup of sour patch kids candy corn

On Halloween I used to love getting those little packets of Sour Patch Kids - that's how you knew a house was willing to pony up on the good candy. Okay, well that and full candy bars. (I digress.) Another gourmet candy corn color-coded you can get your hands on is the Sour Patch Kids flavor. The particular flavors you have to choose from are grape and orange.

3. Caramel

a closeup of caramel candy corn

There's already a good chunk of people who love chomping on caramel candies to begin with. Well, why not combine those with another classic with caramel flavored candy corn? It's pretty self-explanatory what makes this particular flavor so revolutionary and the reviews haven't been that bad. So, they might just be worth your time this season.

4. Sea Salt Chocolate

a closeup of sea salt chocolate candy corn

A pretty nutty flavor is sea salt chocolate candy corn. This flavor is said to be loaded with chocolate with a nice hint of salt to perfectly replicate the bars we all know and love. This one's not the worst flavor to try if you're looking to stray from the traditional kind and play it safe with a more loved snack: chocolate.

5. Pumpkin Spice

a closeup of pumpkin spice candy corn

I mean, this wouldn't really be a seasonal list if we didn't include pumpkin spice in there somewhere. It would appear that companies knew this as well because one of the latest flavors is pumpkin spice candy corn. These little guys come in a color-coded trio of white, orange, and brown. The spice isn't overpowering but it's just enough to let you experience the telltale seasonal flavor.

6. S'mores

a closeup of smores candy corn

Some of us like to go camping when it's cooler out and we can relish in our tents or cabins knowing that the bugs are safely dead. Regardless of what time you decide to go camping, though, the snack you need to have is s'mores. It's simple to make and really a staple of the outdoors and the season. If it's too cool for you to go outside then you can just bring s'mores to you with this special candy corn.

7. Caramel Apple

a closeup of caramel apple candy corn

Speaking of staples for the season, caramel apples are one of those treats that tends to bring us right back to the good ol' days of childhood. If you don't exactly have the time or ingredients to make your own this year then you can bring home a tub of caramel apple candy corn. It's another new flavor that recently hit the market so get 'em while they're hot.

8. Peanut Butter Cups

a closeup of peanut butter cup candy corn

The candy corn flavor that closes our list is the ambitious peanut butter cup kind. Reese's is my favorite chocolate and I'll pretty much try whatever version of it I can get my hands on (I recently discovered white peanut butter cups exist). This specific candy corn promises to give you the delicious flavor of peanut butter cups all in one convenient little candy.

There are quite a few other kinds out there that you can try like chocolate mint or a nice medley of autumn flavors like mellowcreme pumpkin and the original kind. Even if you're not someone who enjoys the traditional candy corn, there are so many flavors out there now that we're all bound to discover something we like. Get out there and try new things and you could just stumble onto your new favorite candy this year.

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