If you are so passionate about making burgers at home that you live and breathe 80/20 ground chuck and have a special cast iron pan just for your patties, then there is some big news you need to know about. Hamburger expert George Motz has created the ultimate spatula, and you need to act now to get on the waiting list.

Motz's "Smashula" weighs about one pound --- eight ounces more than the heaviest spatula on the market --- and is handmade with 12-gauge stainless steel. Measuring 11.75 inches long with a blade 4.25 inches wide, the Smashula features a rounded handle for easier gripping. It also comes with a black rubber BMX grip if you need to use your Smashula for commercial purposes. Apparently, that tight-fitting grip is essential for "serious smash action."

The real purpose for this tool is to easily press your ground beef in a "smash" style on your pan or griddle, which Motz claims is the only way to cook a burger. He also says that to get the best results, you need to use a spatula with no holes, and you are only to smash the patty once. If you smash it more than that, precious juices will escape into the pan.

So, he created the Smashula to help you create the perfect, stiff burger patty. Motz says that this is the only burger spatula you will ever need and is the result of a lot of design and testing.

Since they make the Smashula by hand in Brooklyn, New York, they acid-etch each one with its own serial number plus your name or any other logo or inscription you want to add. They ship the special kitchen tool in a custom-made red velvet pouch, and it will take at least one month for you to receive your Smashula after you order it.

smashula spatula

Motz claims this is more than a spatula and believes it is so special that you will want to hand it down to your burger-loving offspring and make it a family heirloom. He makes thousands of burgers each year at events all over the world, and he says this Smashula has completely changed the way he works.

The burger expert offered 12 Smashulas to the public back in February and they sold out in a matter of hours without any advertising. Every round of Smashulas that Motz has offered since then have gone just as quickly. So, they have increased their production schedule, and in their current round, they are offering another 24 bespoke spatulas for burger lovers to grab.

It will set you back $220, but if you want to make the perfect smashed burger, the investment is a must.

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