Preparing a hearty turkey dinner for Thanksgiving with the family brings people together. Between cooking with family and being surrounded by all the enticing aromas, Thanksgiving dinner is one of the special meals we look forward to all year long. While thousands of families celebrate Thanksgiving, many of them bring something traditional to the table: butternut squash. It can be prepared in a few different ways but before that, you need to learn how to cut butternut squash correctly and safely. We're here to break down the steps for you.

How To Cut A Butternut Squash

cubed butternut squash on a cutting board next to a knife

What You'll Need

You should have a few tools on-hand before you handle this tougher vegetable. Things will go much smoother if you have:

  • A large cutting knife
  • A cutting board
  • A vegetable peeler
  • A spoon
  • A paring knife (optional)


  • The first thing you'll need to do is place your squash on a cutting board and slice off the ends. Lay it on its side and chop off the top and bottom.
  • Slice the squash in half before peeling the skin with a vegetable peeler. If it's easier for you to use a paring knife then you can also peel the skin with that instead, but be extra careful.
  • After everything is peeled, stand the squash upright on the cutting board. Place the thicker side on the cutting board so you have more stability.
  • Scrape out the seeds with your spoon.
  • After the seeds are all gone, cut your squash again at the base. Cut the halves into slices with your desired thickness. Some recipes call for 1-inch cubes while others call for something larger. Slice accordingly.
  • Line up all your slices on the cutting board and cut them into cubes.
  • From here, add your cubes into a large bowl so it's to season everything.
  • Use the cubes however you or the recipe needs.

How To Use Your Butternut Squash

butternut squash risotto on a table

Sure, a good butternut squash often makes an appearance during end-of-the-year seasons, but you can also use it in other ways. Consider roasting your squash, shredding it into spaghetti, or making it into a creamy soup for simple dinner options that are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

It's also not just the flesh of a butternut squash that can be used. The seeds can be saved once you scoop them out and roasted for a delicious snack.

Even if your family isn't the kind to indulge in a good squash dinner, this veggie is more versatile than you think. It's worth looking into the dozens of recipes available to see how you can better include this food into your diet - even if it's just one time a year.

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