Hamburgers are amazing. They can be packed with just about anything we want and even vegan patties ooze juicy goodness we can't wait to munch on. But while we've been busy figuring out which toppings go best between our buns, food bloggers have been hard at work deciding which way is the best to hold a burger. It sounds strange on the surface, but there's some merit to what these bloggers are saying.

Their method for the best burger experience is to actually flip it upside down and eat it that way. As it turns out, this method ensures your bottom bun doesn't get soaked by the juices and sauces you have crammed between your bread. Simon Dukes, the founder of food blog Burger Land, told Insider in an email that "The crown (the top of the bun) is generally thicker (and therefore stronger) than the heel, so for a better eating experience, you should actually flip it upside-down to eat it. The crown will then hold the weight of everything else, and there is less likelihood of it falling apart in your hands. A true burger connoisseur should always eat their burgers upside down."

a small hamburger with a knife stabbed through it

I know what you're thinking. There's no way this makes sense, especially if only one person says so. But, it isn't only Dukes who believes in the upside down burger. Matt Ester, founder of The Burger List, also told Insider that this is a good method to adopt. "I've always eaten burgers the 'proper way.' But it actually makes sense. I think, naturally, they should be eaten the right way up, and I don't think it was intended to be eaten upside down. I guess whoever discovered this has thought about the science behind it, so I'm going to give it a try on my next burger!" he told them.

Given all the toppings we tend to gravitate towards, placing them on a stronger bun sounds like an awesome idea. Beware, though, because there are some people who say this method isn't exactly feasible. The Takeout spoke with Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful podcast, who said you can work around a soggy bun by simply toasting your bread beforehand (or requesting that it's toasted) and placing your cheese under the patty. This gives you a nice border between the juices in your burger and the bottom bun.

a burger with a thick patty

So, now that you know both sides of the burger, you may just find yourself converting to the upside down method sooner than you think. Even if you don't opt for this route, that's okay. At the end of the day you're still eating a hamburger so who's really complaining?

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