In honor of their 40th anniversary, the Cheesecake Factory teamed up with DoorDash to offer 40,000 free cheesecake slices to anyone who ordered through the app. As it turns out, people love cheesecake and this well-meaning gesture didn't quite stretch far enough to hungry customers.

a slice of cheesecake

Participating locations offered cake-lovers a free slice of cheesecake with their order through the DoorDash app. Unfortunately, the deal picked up steam really fast and many patrons were left empty-handed. A spokeswoman for the company told CNBC that they were upping the number of freebies to 60,000 due to the popularity. However, those slices went lightning fast too. "We were truly humbled by the popularity of the offer and by how quickly our fans responded as all of the 60,000 complimentary slices were ordered within an hour of the promotion's start time," she told CNBC.

It wasn't just the lack of cheesecake that made people upset. Dozens upon dozens of DoorDash drivers were called to pick up orders from Cheesecake Factory for the promotion. Inevitably, this led to overcrowding and even brawling. ARLnow reported that police received a call about a fight taking place near one location. Arlington County Police spokeswoman, Ashley Savage, told them that one person refused to leave the restaurant and got into an altercation with police. He was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

cheesecakes in a fridge

Twitter user Remy Hendra also took a video that was posted to the platform showing fights breaking out in Cheesecake Factory locations.

So, those slices were sold out pretty quickly. No one's surprised. To compensate, though, the companies have an additional promotion going on where you can get free delivery on all orders made during DoorDash business hours. You don't need a code to reap the benefits of this sweet deal, but you may be waiting a few hours for your cake to arrive.

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