As much as love our health nut friends, we can't exactly relate to them. Salad with lunch instead of pizza? No thanks. But, they deserve nice things when the holiday season rolls around, which is why we've compiled this list of awesome presents. Rifle through them and see which ones best fit the healthy cooks in your life.

1. Paderno Collapsible 3-Blade Spiralizer & Spiralizer Cookbook

a 3 blade spiralizer

Costs $39.95

Are your friends still stuck in the dark ages and chopping their vegetables with dinner? No more! Give them a spiralizer that lets them turn your ordinary veggies into spiralized noodles perfect for any dinner. Plus, even if they're lost on what to make, this comes with a helpful cookbook. It's also a great gift for vegan chefs.

2. Digital Kitchen Scale

digital kitchen scale

Costs $12.99

It's difficult to eyeball how much food weighs. If your friends are trying to reduce overconsumption, give them a digital kitchen scale so they can keep a closer eye on the numbers. You can measure food with standard or metric units and even comes with an overload indication.

3. Herb Garden Starter Kit

herb garden starter kit

Costs $31.89

Topping our dishes with fresh herbs gives our meals a new kind of chef's authenticity. There are indeed many herbs and spices available in stores, but providing a healthy home cook with an herb garden starter kit lets them combine their green thumb with delicious food. There's just something special about sprinkling on herbs we grew ourselves.

4. Just Ripe Fruit Bowl

just ripe fruit bowl

Costs $65.00

Unlike ordinary fruit bowls, this glass bowl is ventilated and allows your fruit to reach its sweet spot before you indulge. It comes with your standard banana rack, but the glass bowl underneath safely stores your precious fruit without exposing it to any harsh elements like dry air. It's a bit on the expensive side, but worth it for the healthy cooks in your life.

5. Measure Equivalents Poster

a poster showing measurement equivalents

Costs $20.00

How many times have you found yourself Googling how many teaspoons is a tablespoon? What about how many ounces are in a cup? Well, this holiday season you can spare your friends the guesswork and gift them this snazzy poster with all the answers to their questions. There are options available for the size you prefer, too.

6. Large Serving Salad Bowl

large serving salad bowl on counter

Costs $36.93

The health gurus in our friend circles love whipping up tasty salads for appetizers. Gift them this large serving bowl with a bamboo cover and utensils. The lid can even be used as a small board to rest the utensils, or they can be stashed in a small hole carved into the lid itself. Either way, you'll always have a place to put them!

7. Leak-Proof Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

fruit infuser water bottle on counter

Costs $21.97

A refreshing glass of water rejuvenates us throughout the day, but encourage those healthy friends of yours to get their daily serving of fruit. This leak-proof fruit infuser water bottle has a compartment for your favorite fruits. They can infuse whichever fruit their heart desires, and the bottle is perfect for everyday use, camping, or hiking.

8. Double Tiered Food Steamer

double tiered steamer

Costs $19.00

Why only steam your vegetables when you have the option to steam so much more? A double tiered food steamer lets the recipient cook a meal in this 5-quart model with transparent bowls. It's dishwasher safe and has an automatic 60-minute timer, which shuts off as soon as your meal is done cooking.

9. Microplane Zester, Grater

microplane zesters

Costs $19.00

Shredding some cheese over pasta or salad dishes adds the final touch to our best meals. Graters are nice to have around the house, but sometimes they're bulky and take up too much room in our shelves. Make life easier for one lucky person with the Microplane, a zester and grater blade you can easily store and use whenever you need.

10. Salad Spinner

salad spinner in action

Costs $28.89

Salads are great, they're great. But a lot of work goes into washing the lettuce and toppings we plan on using. Oftentimes we lose a lettuce leaf or some berries into the drain catcher, never to be eaten again. Well, this awesome salad spinner keeps things clean and easy. Simply place your lettuce inside with some water, push the button, and have the spinner clean your leaves.

11. Euro Cuisine(r) Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker

euro cuisine greek yogurt maker

Costs $59.99

Store-bought yogurt is usually pumped full of added sugar or preservatives any health-conscious person keeps away from. Gift someone their very own Greek yogurt maker so they can create their own snack in a healthy environment. This 2-quart container makes yogurt from any milk in six to eight hours.

12. Teavana PerfecTea Tea Maker

teavana tea infuser in action

Costs $19.99

Tea is amazing for you. There are a few different ones to choose from, each with their own flavors and benefits. Any healthy person in your life probably loves tea more than you know, so grab them this tea maker for Christmas! Steep tea perfectly and set things to a desired temperature so they can prepare the best cup.

13. Misto Olive Oil Sprayer

misto olive oil sprayer spraying salad

Costs $9.00

It sounds a tad funky right off the bat, but having an easier way to get olive oil onto pans or home-cooked meals is pretty important. Misto is an aluminum can you can fill with olive oil, lemon juice, or kinds of vinegar and it's perfect for salads, bread, and a variety of dinners.

14. Fruit Soft Serve Maker

fruit soft serve maker next to bowl of yogurt

Costs $39.99

Your healthy friends may indulge in a scoop of ice cream now and again, but they'd probably feel better knowing their snacks were officially good for them. This soft serve machine lets them make a delectable snack from fruits in their home.

15. RSVP Measuring Cups

rsvp measuring cups on a table

Costs $26.99

Go back to basics this holiday season by gifting your healthy friends a top-notch set of measuring cups. Even if they have a set of their own, this brand comes with add-ons you can purchase such as measuring spoons for "a pinch." This brand gives your recipient everything they need.

16. Hutzler Produce Savers

lemon and lime savers next to cup of ice water

Costs $17.18

Is there anything worse than only using half a tomato or lemon and having nowhere safe to store it? You can stick it in the fridge, but without proper casing, it'll go bad sooner than later. These little cups are not only practical, but they take shape of the fruit meant to go inside of them. They won't take up a ton of room in the refrigerator and they'll also prevent our produce from spoiling.

17. Immersion Blender

cuisinart immersion blender

Costs $31.95

Regular ol' blenders are nice, but it's the immersion blender that really gets down to the nitty-gritty. They make pureeing soups a breeze and help make those sauces a success. Grab someone on your list this one-of-a-kind blender that will be a serious helping hand in the kitchen.

18. Ziploc Vacuum Bag Starter Kit

ziploc vacuum bag starter kit

Costs $19.85

Along the same lines of the produce savers, this vacuum bag kit will keep your food fresher for much longer. Gone are the days of your leftover meat spoiling just a day or two after you store it away. Seal your spare food in these handy bags so you can return to them on your time, not the fridge's.

19. Juicers

juicer next to fruit

Prices will vary

Our health guru friends sure do love to spend time at their local juice bar. They're probably getting an awesome beverage, but they're also paying for one too many trips. Save them the journey (and their money) by gifting someone a nice juicer. Prices will vary depending on where you go and which one you purchase, making it a flexible purchase for you.

Our health nut friends deserve fine gifts this holiday season. Our extensive gift guide shows you the best options available, making your life much easier during this hectic time of the year!

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