I always like to start my morning with fluffy waffles and some maple syrup. Okay, I'm actually too busy to do that and instead just opt for cereal right out of the box. But if I did eat a good breakfast, waffles would be it. Part of what makes them so amazing is that you can add all sorts of different toppings!

1. Nutella, Banana, And Peanut Butter

waffles with berries and nutella

We won't hold it against you if you've ever eaten Nutella right out of the jar. Who hasn't right? Instead of scooping it into your mouth, just scoop a spoonful onto your waffle... along with some banana and peanut butter. You'll indulge in a super sweet treat, but don't worry, the banana makes it healthy.

2. Sliced Apples And Cinnamon

waffles with apples on them

On the other hand, if you really do want to keep things healthy, you can do that with no issue with this recipe from Brooklyn Farm Girl. Apples and cinnamon are already pretty delicious on their own. Adding them on top of your waffles, however, combines two amazing dishes all on one plate.

3. Yogurt, Blueberries, And Strawberries

waffles with yogurt and blueberries

Another healthy option lies within the produce section. Some yogurt and berries (we like these two best, but you can choose whichever you like) offer a delightful bitter and sweet mixture you won't get enough of. You can try it with vanilla yogurt or go for your regular Greek yogurt.

4. Arugula And Crispy Cheese Shards

sweet potato waffles and cheese

For something a little more savory, you can try out this recipe. Make yourself some sweet potato waffles and top it with arugula and crispy cheese shards for a truly special meal. You'll be able to get about four to six servings from this too!

5. Chicken And Spinach Sauce

waffles with spinach sauce

Oh, did we forget to mention that waffles can be eaten for dinner too? Prepare some waffles and this creamy chicken and spinach sauce to drizzle over the top. Some butter and shredded Swiss cheese make this sauce even better.

6. Chocolate And Candied Bacon

chocolate waffles with candied bacon

For these waffles, you can use regular waffles or prepare a chocolate batch. Top them with chocolate sauce and bacon doused with Sola sweetener. You can also top with whipped cream or berries! It may sound unorthodox, but it tastes amazing!

7. Parmesan And Parsley

waffles with cheese and parsley

We don't have a good reason to turn our back on the savory waffle toppings. So, enter a parmesan and parsley topping combination. This decadent savory option may be a bit more expensive if you use real parmesan, so you can break these out for a gathering with friends, or at a dinner party too. If you want to add an extra touch, top with slices of prosciutto.

8. Pineapples And Coconut

waffles with pineapple

Pineapple on pizza is divisive, but what about adding it to your waffles? This amazing recipe helps you cook Hawaiian waffles topped with pineapple sauce, shaved coconut, or nuts of your choosing. You can also serve with just chopped pieces of pineapple to keep things simple.

9. Lentils And Mushrooms

waffles with mushrooms and lentils

This recipe technically calls for you to stuff the waffles with lentils and mushrooms, but you can top your dish with them as well. However you choose to do it, this savoury plate offers you and your family a yummy side dish. Add a pinch of parsley or rosemary over the top if you'd like.

10. Fried Chicken And Spices

chicken and waffles

This recipe is incomplete without mentioning chicken and waffles. Though it's a pretty common combination, you can always make things your own. Season your chicken however you like to make things as spicy or mild as you want. Not to mention, that fried chicken addition makes this the best dinner food we could have ever asked for.

Transform your ordinary waffles with these amazing topping combinations! From savory to healthy to sweet, you can create whichever kind of waffles you like for yourself or guests. There's something here for everyone!

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