Popsicles aren't just for kids, anymore! They're the coolest way to stay chill during the summer heat. Give these icy nostalgic amusements an added fun spin by infusing them with alcohol for a refreshing boozy treat. Here at OOLA, we've chosen the 12 most simple, refreshing boozy popsicle recipes that will help you stay cool and relaxed this summer.

1. Mixed Berry Sangria Popsicle

mixed berry sangria popsicle

Love sangria? Ready to wind down after a busy day with a delightfully refreshing pop of fresh berries infused in red wine? Then this boozy popsicle recipe is perfect for you! Simply place a mixture of berries such as strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries into the popsicle mold. Pour a blend of half organic berry juice and your favorite red wine into the mold. Freeze, and you'll have yourself a mixed berry sangria popsicle!

2. Dirty Pineapple Whip Pops

dirty pineapple whip pops

Dirty pineapple whip pops will be popular with Disney park-goers who are familiar with the classic beloved treat, the Dole Whip. Even if you can't visit the park right now, bring the flavor of this delicious treat home, and make it even more magical by adding some rum to the mix! Preparing this pop is simple. Just combine pineapple chunks, coconut milk, and rum in your blender. Pour the mixture into convenient pop bags or your classic pop molds and freeze!

3. Vodka Gummy Bear Pops

vodka gummy bear pops

This may undoubtedly be this most fun popsicle we have on our list. This icy treat is charming, with its shimmering pops of color and whimsy feel. Don't let the sweet gummy bears fool you though, this popsicle packs a punch! These pops have over a cup of vodka blended into the fizzy mix. Just add ginger ale, gummy bears, and vodka to your popsicle molds to get this party started. Vodka gummy bear pops will surely be a party favorite!

4. Rum and Coke Boozy Popsicles

rum and coke boozy popsicles

The unbelievably simple yet classic rum and coke cocktail make for a delicious boozy popsicle treat. A single bottle of coke, spiced rum, tea, sugar, freshly sliced lemon, and a splash of tequila will set you up to the perfect rum and coke boozy popsicles.

5. Bailey's Cookie's And Cream Popsicles

baileys cookies and cream popsicles

Dreamy and creamy! [Bailey cookies and cream popsicles](https://realfoodbydad.com/baileys-cookies-and-cream-popsicles/?utmsource=feedburner&utmmedium=email&utm_campaign=Feed:+RealFoodByDad+(Real+Food+by+Dad) are perfect for those that love that traditional luscious chocolate and vanilla combo. Coarsely chopped Oreo cookies are folded into a blend of vanilla pudding, and Bailey's Irish Cream. The vanilla mixture is then placed atop rich chocolate pudding mixed with Bailey's in the popsicle molds to create an appealing layering effect.

6. Tropical Tequila Sunrise

The gorgeous colors of this summery treat depict the reminisce of stunning daybreaks, giving way to its beachy name- tropical tequila sunrise! This pop is simple to prepare, only needing a few ingredients. All you need for this refreshing treat is pineapple juice, fresh pineapple, tequila, and grenadine.

7. Fireball Whiskey Cinnamon Roll Boozy Ice Pops

fireball whiskey cinnamon roll boozy ice pops

These frozen ice pops couldn't be more uncomplicated, with only two ingredients; cream soda and Fireball cinnamon whiskey! Enjoy the flavor of sticky cinnamon buns with a fiery kick on a stick! Fireball whiskey cinnamon roll boozy ice pops will definitely hit the spot on a summer day!

8. Boozy Popsicle Mimosas

boozy popsicle mimosas

Transform America's favorite brunch cocktail into a poptail! Simple and straightforward, just as a mid-morning poptail should be - just blend orange juice and Triple Sec with a handful of fresh chopped strawberries. Pour in popsicle molds, freeze, and serve in your favorite glass of sparkling wine. Boozy Popsicle Mimosas will be your new brunch go-to treat!

9. Spiked Mudslide Popsicles

spiked mudslide popsicles

The iconic mudslide is already well-known for its smooth, rich chocolatey, coffee, and sweet tipsy notes. A dessert drink at the heart, this cocktail makes a fantastic frozen treat. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, Kaluha, Vodka, Irish cream, and coffee are blended and strained into popsicles molds. Spiked mudslide popsicles are a scrumptious ending to any summer meal.

10. Frozen Vodka Lemonade Pops

frozen vodka lemonade pops

When life gives you lemons, make frozen vodka lemonade pops! Lemonade is the most quintessential drink of the summer. All you need to enjoy this classic summery treat are two ingredients, lemonade, and vodka. To prepare these refreshing popsicles, try our simple recipe for easy homemade lemonade.

11. Long Island Iced Tea Freezer Pops

long island iced tea freezer pops

A concoction of familiar spirits a splash of cola and sweet syrups will pack a powerful punch of a cocktail, the Long Island iced tea! Transform this tipsy tea into a refreshing icy treat that will inevitably be one mighty beachy pop! We guarantee you'll be reaching for one these Long Island iced tea freezer pop after a long hot summer day!

12. Bahama Mama Ice Pops

bahama mama ice pops

A twist of tropical flavors offers these frozen popsicles their beachy flair. An exotic blend of orange, pineapple, and lime juice is combined with grenadine and flavored coconut rum. Enjoy these yummy Bahama mama ice pops poolside and stay cool this summer.

Best Popsicle Making Tools For Homemade Boozy Popsicles

popsicle mold

Preparing and creating homemade popsicles in your kitchen is a great way to save some cash this summer. It's also a fun way to delve into discovering new and exciting popsicle flavors, such as making them adult only with your favorite wine and spirits! But, making homemade popsicles should be easy. Having the right tools will make preparation more convenient. Here are a few suggestions for popsicle making tools that will make the best homemade popsicles!

  • You can't have a popsicle without a mold. Zoku classic pop molds are the perfect popsicle molds for a timeless frozen treat shape.
  • Try your hand at plastic ice pop bags. Pop Bags Popsicle Pouches come with a handy silicone funnel to help pour the popsicle juice into the containers.
  • If you prefer a reusable silicone ice pop bag, try FoodWorks Silicone Ice Pop Maker.
  • Can't wait hours for your popsicles to become solid? We can't either! Try the Zoku quick pop maker, and have your popsicles ready in minutes instead of hours!

This summer, make room in your freezer for some of this season's most trendiest treats, boozy popsicles! What's better than an ice-cold popsicle on a hot summer day? A popsicle infused with your favorite wine and spirits! Kick your feet up and relax. Enjoy that refreshing pop, but remember to mark these popsicles well as they are an adult only treat.

If you've tried one of these delicious and refreshing boozy popsicles, let us know which ones are your favorite. Or, if you have some frozen alcoholic creations of your own be sure to share them as well!

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