There's nothing worse than starting a recipe for a batch of cookies, a pound cake, or a pie and coming across a term (or two, or three) that you don't recognize. What do you do that in that situation? Well, we have you covered in case it happens again.

Below is a comprehensive list of some of the most important baking terms every cook should know. Whether you're a novice at-home baker or the owner of highly regarded bakery, there is a little something for just about everyone in this list.

Baking Terms Every Baker Should Know

Cookies drizzled with icing

Aerate - To incorporate air into something, usually a batter.

Bain-Marie - A fancy way of saying "hot water bath." Typically used to melt chocolate and butter over a pot of simmering water.

Bake - To cook in an over with dry heat.

Bake-Blend - Baking the crust of a pie or tart without prior to adding the filling.

Batch - The amount of cookies, cupcakes, bread, or other items made from one bake.

Batter - A mixture of dry and wet ingredients that typically includes eggs, flour, sugar, and milk.

Beat - Rapidly and intensely mixing a combination of ingredients to incorporate air into the mixture. Can be done with a whisk or mixer.

Blanch - To partially cook food by plunging it into boiling water for a short period of time before submerging it in cold water to stop the cooking process.

Blend - The mixing of two substances together to the point where they become incorporated with one another.

Boil - To heat liquid until it reaches its boiling point; to place something into boiling liquid.

Butter - To spread or add butter onto something.

Buttercream - A type of icing used to fill, top, coat, and decorate baked goods. Created through the process of creaming butter with powdered sugar; extra colors and flavors can be added as well.

Caramelize - The process of cooking sugar until it browns. This can also refer to the process of cooking various fruits and vegetables until they release their natural sugars.

Chop - The process of repeatedly cutting something into small pieces.

Coat - To cover something with a layer of a wet or dry substance. Can be anything from sugar to cream.

Coats Spoon - When a thin, even film covers a metal spoon after it has been dipped into a cooked mixture and allowed to drain.

Combine - To mix two ingredients together.

Consistency - The desired texture and/or thickness of a dough, batter, or sauce.

Cool - Allowing something to come to room temperature.

Cream - The process of beating one or more ingredients.

Crimp - To seal the edges of two layers of dough with the tines of a fork or even your fingertips.

Crust - The hard outer layer of a pie.

Curdle - What happens when liquid separates from the fat in things like milk, butter, and eggs.

Dash - A measurement less than 1/8 teaspoon.

Dough - A soft, thick mixture of flour, liquids, fats, and other ingredients.

Dot - To distribute small amounts of butter evenly over the surface of a pie filling or dough.

Drizzle - To drip a glaze or icing over food from the tines of a fork or the edge of a spoon.

Dust - To sprinkle lightly with sugar, flour, or cocoa.

Egg Wash - Beaten eggs. Can also mean to brush a layer of beaten egg mixture over the surface of food to add color after it has been baked.

Extract - Natural substances that have been extracted from their source. Usually concentrated.

Flute - To make or press a decorative pattern into the raised edge of a pastry.

Fold - The gentle incorporation of dry to liquid ingredients.

Fold In - The process of gently combining a heavier mixture with a more delicate substance without causing a loss of air.

Glaze - To coat with a thin icing, jelly, or other liquid before or after the food has been cooked.

Grease - Rubbing fat on the surface of a pan or dish to prevent sticking.

Grind - To produce small particles of food by forcing food through a grinder.

Icing - A sweet glaze used to cover and decorate baked goods.

Knead - To fold, push, and turn dough to produce a smooth and elastic texture.

Lukewarm - A food temperature of approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mix - To stir together two or more ingredients until they are combined.

Mix Until Just Moistened - Combining dry ingredients with liquid ingredients until the mixture is moist and slightly lumpy.

Mold - To pinch bread or pie dough to give it shape.

Nonstick - A pan or surface covered with a substance that prevents foods from sticking.

Parchment - An object such as paper that is used to line baking pans to prevent foods from sticking.

Partially Set - To refrigerate a gelatin mixture until it reaches the consistency of an unbeaten egg white.

Peel - Removing the skin of a fruit or vegetable by hand or with a knife or peeler. Can also refer to the kins of a fruit or vegetable.

Pinch - Using your fingers to press a pie dough together.

Pipe - Squeezing a liquid or icing through a piping bag for decorating.

Preheat - Turning on the oven ahead of time so that it reaches the desired temperature.

Proof - Allowing yeast dough to rise prior to baking. Can also refer to the process of allowing yeast to dissolve in a warm liquid for 5 to 10 minutes or until it expands and starts to bubble.

Reduce - The process of thickening and reducing the amount of liquid in a sauce or soup to intensify its flavor.

Refrigerate - To chill until a mixture is cool or dough is firm.

Rind - The skin or outer covering of fruit or cheese.

Rolling Boil - To cook a mixture until the surface billows instead of bubbles.

Rounded Teaspoon - When dough is slightly mounded and not quite level.

Scald - To heat a mixture or liquid just below the boiling point.

Score - To cut slits in food by cutting partway through the outer surface.

Shelf Life - How long a product is useable.

Shred - To cut food into narrow strips.

Sieve - The process of running a food through a sieve to separate solids from liquids or lumps from powdered ingredients.

Simmer - Bringing liquids to a temperature that is just below boiling.

Soft Peaks - Egg whites or whipping cream beaten to the point where the mixture forms soft rounded peaks.

Sprinkle - Lightly scatter something over a food.

Steam - To cook food on a rack or in a wire basket over boiling water.

Stiff Peaks - Egg whites or whipping cream beaten to the point where the mixture forms stiff pointed peaks.

Stir - To combine ingredients with a spoon or whisk using a circular motion.

Temper - Gradually raising the temperature of a food.

Toss - To mix lightly with a lifting motion using two forks or spoons.

Whip - To beat rapidly with a wire whisk or electric mixer to incorporate air into the mixture.

Whisk - A kitchen tool used to blend, beat, or incorporate air into a mixture.

Yield - The amount of baked goods one recipe will make.

Zest - Removing the peel of a fruit or vegetable with a grater. It can also refer to the outer peel of citrus fruit, which is commonly added to recipes to add flavor.

Bread proofing

Well, there you have it... more than a baker's dozen of terms that will make your baking adventure into something special instead of another culinary disaster.

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