Canned biscuits are a lot more versatile than you probably think! Save some time in the kitchen and use biscuit dough as a substitute in recipes that already require dough. We gathered up our favorite recipe hacks that are both easy and delicious.

Garlic Bread Balls

If you're looking for a fun alternative to traditional garlic bread while not losing any of that delicious taste, try taking canned biscuit dough and balling it into a muffin pan. Add your favorite spices or cheese and bake as normal.


Biscuits can easily become delectable danishes by putting cream cheese in the middle and adding fruit and sugar on top before baking. You'll never need to take a trip to the local bakery again!

Strawberry Shortcake

Next time you have a craving for a sweet treat, skip buying or making your own cake batter and use ordinary store-bought biscuits. All you have to do is put sugar on them before you bake them. After you take them out of the oven and let them cool, put strawberries and whipped cream in the middle and you've got a delicious strawberry shortcake.

Mini Calzones

Making your own stuffed pocket/mini calzone is super easy with canned biscuit dough. Get the fillings of your choice and fold your biscuit around it. Then you just bake it and enjoy. It's just like a homemade Hot Pocket!

Monkey Bread

You probably weren't aware that you can hack a dessert like monkey bread using canned biscuits and a bundt pan. Using a knife, cut each biscuit into fourths and shake them in a bag mixed with cinnamon and sugar. Cover them with melted butter and brown sugar in a pan and they're ready to bake!


Fry your canned biscuits and make a hole in the center and you've got yourself a tasty homemade donut. They're even better with powdered sugar or frosting, too. The donut holes can be fried and eaten as well.


Forget bothering with homemade crusts and use canned biscuits as the crust on your favorite cobbler. You can use your fruit of choice to make an amazing biscuit cobbler.


If you love using a waffle iron but get tired of making homemade batter, consider using canned biscuits for your waffles. Spray the iron with non-stick spray or melted butter and press the biscuits on the iron. It's a delicious homemade breakfast that's ready in minutes.

Mini Pot Pies

For this hack, all you have to do is press a biscuit into a muffin pan or a mini pie dish and fill each with your favorite veggies and chicken soup. Fold the edges of the dough over the top of each and you have some delicious mini pot pies. Go the extra mile and flatten a few strips of dough to make a lattice pie crust on top.


You can actually make awesome pizza dough with canned biscuits. You can make a personal pan pizza by flattening out individual biscuits, or you can also smash multiple biscuits together and roll them out to make dough for a larger pizza crust. Be sure to brush your dough with butter, oil and your favorite herbs before you bake it.

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