Candy always brings back a sense of nostalgia for most people! These discontinued candies might have left us with cavities, but they will forever remain a part of our childhood that we'll always remember!

Jumbo Nerds

Jumbo Nerds were simply bigger versions of the Nerds we know and love. While some things can be placed in the "the bigger, the better" category, Nerds were not one of them. Many people favored the original Nerds and Jumbo Nerds were eventually discontinued.


Many products are only as good as their advertising and that was exactly the case for Bonkers. The gum-like outer layer was filled with a fruity inside. Whether you knew or didn't know what Bonkers were, you knew their commercial. Once the commercial started to slow down, so did Bonkers sales and the product was eventually discontinued in the 1990s.


Bar None

The Bar None was Hershey's debut into the gourmet chocolate bar market in 1986. The bar combined the best of a variety of bars. Bar None was a chocolate-covered cocoa wafer filled with more chocolate and peanuts. The sales just couldn't pick up and Bar None was eventually discontinued in 1997.

Garbage Can-dy

Yes Garbage Can-dy was actually a popular treat for many! The Pez-like candies were in the shape of things you might actually find in the garbage, such as dead fish and an old soda bottle. The candies came in a tiny plastic garbage can and actually didn't taste bad at all.

Garbage Candy

PB Max

While introducing any peanut butter flavored candy after Reese's is never a good idea, PB Max seemed to do pretty well for itself. PB Max was a peanut butter topped chocolate cookie, so it was fairly different from Reese's peanut butter cups. Despite it's 50 million dollars in sales, the company founders of Mars decided to take it off the shelves because they didn't like the taste of peanut butter.

PB Max

Cookies N' Creme Twix Bars

The Cookies N' Creme Twix bars had a layer of cream where the traditional caramel would lie. They were released at the same time as the Chocolate Fudge Twix and discontinued at the same time too, in the early 1990s


GatorGum was fashioned after Gatorade and was said to quench your thirst in the same manor. Its really tart flavor actually hurt your mouth did not go over well with many people. It was eventually taken off store shelves.


Butterfinger BB's

Butterfinger BB's were the perfect snack-size Butterfingers. The small balls were discontinued in 2006, but actually were brought back in 2009 as Butterfinger Mini Bites. The Mini Bites are a little bigger and still have the taste we love.


The Summit candy bar was manufactured in the 1980s by Mars. It contained two wafers covered with peanuts which were then coated in chocolate. In 1983, Mars changed the packaging and candy, and the reviews were mediocre. After that, production stopped and it was no longer available.

Summit Candy


Dweebs were a chewy version of Nerds. Although Dweebs had three compartments which allowed for three different flavors instead of Nerds' two, there wasn't much difference between the two. Needless to say, Dweebs didn't do well against the popular Nerds.

Hershey’s S’Mores

Hershey's S'mores Bar

While most people think of the classic Hershey's chocolate bar for their campfire s'mores, let's not forget about the time Hershey's made it a little too convenient for us all! While you can no longer purchase the actual bars, Hershey's is selling their S'mores Crunchers now!

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