Maybe it's a cold rainy day or you're just not wanting to leave your dorm room to go to the cafeteria. We get it. Don't want to pay for delivery, either? No problem. These are the best dorm room cooking hacks you could ask for.


You can have a fast and easy hot breakfast to keep you focused for the day ahead. Simply heat up a plug-in grill, throw down some bacon and let it cook for about five to ten minutes (depending on how you like it cooked). You don't have to tend to it while it cooks so you can use that time to get ready for class instead. Because bacon.


Want a side of eggs with that bacon? Create a quick omelet in your microwave by following these simple steps: crack an egg (or two) open into your favorite mug, add fillings and seasonings of your choice and microwave on high for one minute. For a cheesy bonus, top with shredded cheese and cook for an additional fifteen seconds.

Sunny Mornings

If you prefer your eggs sunny side up, then heat up the warming plate on that trusty coffee maker and place a small frying pan on top. If you really wanted to, you could also cook a small pancake one at a time, but eggs are much quicker.

Gourmet Meal/Un-Gormet Method

Feeling fancy? You can cook a healthy meal of salmon and veggies in your COFFEE MAKER. Place your veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) where you place the grounds and run hot water through. Make a sauce consisting of: two tablespoons of soy sauce, one tablespoon of brown sugar, one teaspoon of salt and one half a teaspoon of garlic in the pot. Place your salmon filet in the pot and fill it with water to fully submerge the filet and cook for 20 minutes.

Fondue For Two

We know, you're broke and don't have money for a fancy dinner. Instead, impress your date with some romantic chocolate fondue made in that trusty coffee maker of yours. Simply heat some cream in the pot for about 20 minutes, then add in chopped chocolate and heat for another 10 minutes. Be sure to stir periodically so you don't burn the chocolate, and you're ready to go! Although if you're really trying to impress your date, we recommend you at least serve the chocolate in something other than your coffee maker.

Perk Up

For a poor man's pour-over coffee, you can use a few disposable cups and a coffee filter. It's perfect for when you NEED a cup of coffee at 2:00 A.M. during that late night cramming session and you don't want to wake up your dorm mate.

Cheese Please

Ramen is a staple in the college diet, though you may get a little sick of it after a while. Of course, the obvious solution to this problem is cheese! Mix in some Velveeta with a little milk and butter for a cheesy treat. If cheese doesn't sit well with you, be sure to check out some of our lactose free options as well.

The Dorm Cheesecake Factory

We're sure you've seen mug cakes before, but have you've ever seen a mug cheesecake?! You can create this creamy dessert with just your microwave and a mini fridge. It will take a couple of hours to set, but it makes the perfect reward after your long study session.

Actually Use Your Iron

If you're craving a grilled cheese sandwich (and when aren't you?), you can easily make one in your dorm using a plain old clothes iron. Assemble the sandwich, wrap in foil and iron your way to a gooey, melty grilled cheese.

Poor Man's Latte

We feel your Starbucks addiction, but those five dollar lattes can really hit your meager wallet where it hurts. You can easily make your own Café Mocha in your dorm for WAY less cash. Mix a packet of hot chocolate with half of a packet of instant coffee and one cup of milk. Add whipped cream or marshmallows if you want to get fancy.

Cracking Up

Hard-boiled eggs are easy to fix and an excellent source of protein to have for a meal, a snack before class, or after your session at the gym. To make them in your dorm, just place the eggs in the coffee pot, fill with water and boil for ten minutes.

Snacking Staple

Sweet potato chips are a healthy alternative to regular potato chips, but they are also way more expensive. If you're craving this sweet and salty treat, you can always make your own in the microwave! Thinly slice a sweet potato, place on parchment paper coated with a non-stick spray, season to your preference, and cook for at least four minutes.


You probably have a collection of mouse pads that you don't need stacking up. Instead of tossing them, repurpose them! They work great to help open stubborn jars, and they can serve as holder for hot pots if they have a fabric top. If all else fails, you can always cut them into fun shapes and use them as coasters.

Dorm Brunch

Remember how you used your iron to make grilled cheese? You can use the same method to make french toast. Mix up a quick batter, dip in your bread and wrap it up in the foil. Cook with the iron for a yummy breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or snack, or late night snack…).

Move Over T-Bell

A bag of Doritos or Fritos makes the perfect vessel to create a "walking taco." Pop open the bag, add your favorite toppings and sauces, and head out the door to class.

Nom Nom Nom

Unless you plan on digging out your Easy-Bake Oven and bringing that bad boy with you to school (though that may not be a bad idea), then fresh baked cookies aren't in your dorm future. Do not fear, because we've got the hookup for some equally delicious no-bake varieties.

Everyone Loves Bars

Besides pizza, cereal is the lifeblood of college. It's easy, yummy, and dirt cheap. For those days that you know you'll roll out of bed late, have these tasty cereal bars pre-made as a grab and go breakfast. They're made with only three ingredients can be prepared in the microwave, and are so much cheaper than those store bought ones.

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