It seems like people are always on the hunt for the next healthy dessert, a dessert that will meet the needs of their tastebuds while not ruining their diet at the same time. For the longest time, those people had to go to a health food store with premium prices just to find a healthy dessert. Now they can do it from the comfort of their own home with their computer or smart phone.

Below are just a few of the best options for people looking for a healthy desserts that will satisfy their sweet tooth without all of the guilt.

Clio Greek Yogurt Bars

A blueberry Greek yogurt bar

Clio specializes in high quality organic chocolate-covered Greek yogurt bars that are available in a variety of flavors. The company was founded by CEO Sergey Konchakovskiy, who came up with the idea after noticing his children playing with a ball of strained Greek yogurt that had been sitting in the fridge.

Nearly 10 years later, Clio offers a line that includes flavors such as hazelnut, strawberry, blueberry, peanut butter, and numerous others.

Clio Blueberry Greek Yogurt Bar

Clio recently sent us an assortment of yogurt bars including the fan favorite blueberry, which we all agreed was our favorite flavor.

Nutritional Value

Each blueberry yogurt bar (50 grams) contains 140 calories, 10 grams of sugar, and 8 grams of protein.


Most national retailers sell Clio bars both individually and in 10-packs. You can also buy the products directly from Clio, where 10-packs will cost you $28.


One customer had this to say: "Just tried a blueberry one for the first time. Tasted great, I will definitely add these to my cart again. I think I'll try freezing one, too!"

Biena Chickpea Snacks

Biena chickpea puffs

Biena was founded by CEO Poorvi Patodia, who started the company to help introduce healthy snack options to people all across the country. Every one of Biena's products are made from roasted chickpeas, which are high in protein, fiber, and other nutrients. Biena's line of snacks includes everything from chickpea puffs to chocolate covered chickpea snacks.

Aged White Cheddar Puffs

Biena's aged white cheddar puffs are a new spin on the classic cheese puff, which the company says has been "reinvented" with this line of chickpea puffs. There are also a number of other flavors in this line, including blazin' hot and vegan ranch.

Nutritional Value

Each single serve bag of the white cheddar puffs (17 grams) contains 90 calories, less than 1 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of protein.


A 6-pack of 3.2oz aged white cheddar puffs can be purchased from Biena for $24.


One customer had this to say about the product: "Love them! Fresh, tasty, full of flavor. My favorite go-to snack!"

Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar is a California-based health food company that is passionate about providing customers with healthy, yet delicious snacks for on the go. Each one of the Perfect Bar's products is full of high quality ingredients that is perfect for consumers who want to eat healthy and clean food without sacrificing taste. Each one of the bars need to be refrigerated, so don't forget to take that into consideration when purchasing.

Peanut Butter Perfect Bar

The peanut butter perfect bar is one of the company's most popular and highest-rated products and is perfect for a quick boost of energy on the go.

Nutritional Value

Each 71-gram bar contains 330 calories, 18 grams of sugar, and 17 grams of protein.


An 8-pack of 2.5oz peanut butter bar can be purchased from Perfect Bar for $24.


One customer had this to say about the product: "I love these bars! They are healthy, delicious, and portable!"


Kashi cookies

Kashi is one of the biggest names in the organic food market, with a number of different products including cereal, crackers, waffles, and even cookies.

Oatmeal Dark Chocolate TLC Cookies

Kashi cookies were made specifically for people with a sweet tooth who still want to eat healthy, which is getting harder and harder these days. The oatmeal dark chocolate cookies are no different. Made with rich chocolate and whole grain oats, these cookies are the best of both worlds.

Nutritional Value

Each 30-gram serving has 120 calories, 8 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.


A 6-pack of oatmeal dark chocolate cookies (8 per box) can be purchased on Amazon for $30.


One customer had this to say about the product: "Cookies are very good and healthy."

Halo Top Ice Cream

Halo Top ice cream

Halo Top Ice Cream is known for the brand's growing stable of high-protein ice cream flavors that please your tastebuds and waistline at the same time.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

We've ranted and raved about Halo Top in the past, and that's going to be no different here. This vanilla bean ice cream recipe is nothing short of an amazing spin on the classic ice cream flavor. Unlike traditional ice cream, this low-fat and high-protein recipe won't leave you with any guilt if you overindulge.

Nutritional Value

Each 1/2 cup serving has 60 calories, 4 grams of sugar, and 6 grams of protein.


An 8-pack of vanilla bean ice cream pints can be purchased on Amazon for $64.


One customer had this to say about the product: "I'm in heaven. Delicious, low calorie, high protein,and flavors are great.."

HighKey Snacks

HighKey mini cookies

HighKey is all about providing keto dieters with low-carb snacks with simple ingredients that meet the needs of their restrictive diet. Whether it's cookies, cereal, nut butter, or sugar substitutes, HighKey has more than enough for everyone on a keto diet, and even those who just like to try new things.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of HighKey's most popular products is the company's line of mini cookies. You can order 3-packs of chocolate chip or snickerdoodle cookies from HighKey, or you can go all out and buy a combo pack.

Nutritional Value

Each 30-gram serving has 140 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 3 grams of protein.


A 3-pack of chocolate chip cookies (63 grams per bag) can be purchased on Amazon for $13.


One customer had this to say about the product: "I’ve tried A LOT of Keto cookies (fatsnax, the Keto bakery, NUI) and hands down these are THE BEST! The texture, the crunch, the taste."

FlapJacked Mighty Muffins

Mighty Muffin

FlapJacked Mighty Muffins are a great answer for the need for a quick, gluten-free dessert or boost of energy for before or after a workout. Just combine water and heat and you'll have yourself a tasty, healthy muffin that comes in numerous flavors including double chocolate, cinnamon roll, chocolate peanut butter, and lemon poppy seed.

Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Muffin

You can enjoy this muffin (which is ready in the microwave in 30 seconds) as a late night dessert, midnight snack, or even pre or post workout. It will meet your protein needs without bogging you down with too many carbs and sugars.

Nutritional Value

Each 55-gram serving has 230 calories, 10 grams of sugar, and 20 grams of protein.


A 12-pack of double chocolate muffins (55 grams) can be purchased on Amazon for $30.


One customer had this to say about the product: "I was recommended these by a member of my bariatric Support group. I find them incredibly yummy and indulgent, like having chocolate cake without any guilt. They are my special breakfast treat on the weekends. I've tried to make copycat recipes from scratch, but I haven't been able to make something that tastes as good."

Nature's Bakery Fig Bars

Nature's Bakery fig bars

Nature's Bakery was founded in 2011 by Dave Marson and his son Sam with the goal of creating healthy and flavorful natural alternatives to mass produced fig bars. By keeping things simple, the company has been able to provide customers with nutritious snacks and desserts.

Double Chocolate Brownies

There are a number of flavors available through Nature's Bakery but one of the most popular is the double chocolate brownie. These brownies make for ideal on-the-go or healthy desserts for children and adults alike.

Nutritional Value

Each 28-gram bar has 100 calories, 10 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.


A 6-pack of 6-count boxes can be purchased on Amazon for $17.


One customer had this to say about the product: "They're the perfect snack since they're semi-sweet and dense, but not full of preservatives or other trash. One cookie staves off hunger for a few hours."

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