There’s a magic to crispy, crunchy fried chicken that seems impossible to replicate in your own kitchen. You can try every pot, every pan, every oil, coat those drumsticks in heaps of flour, but you still can’t quite get it right. There is a secret, however, to making restaurant-quality fried chicken at home and, thankfully, it doesn’t require a commercial-grade deep fryer or a personal chef.

For the crunchiest crispy coating batter, the missing ingredient is one you can find on the shelf at every grocery store: Argo® corn starch. It’s been used by home chefs since 1892. Teamed with flour, it creates the coating a bird needs to turn craggy and golden brown, while sealing in the juicy meat beneath the skin.

To make it all happen—complete with that satisfying, audible crunch—just stick to Argo’s Crispiest Fried Chicken recipe. The drumsticks and breasts you’re making certainly won’t need dressing up (finger food at its finest!), but if you’re feeling even mildly ambitious, a cornstarch-crisped bird can star in dozens of dishes. Cook up a few of these riffs on fried -chicken for a beyond-tasty weeknight meal or weekend feast.

Make A Next-level Salad

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Fried chicken is satisfying any way you slice it—or, in this case, any way you decide to savor those juicy, crispy-battered slices, including on a heap of lettuce and veggies. One of the best things about cornstarch battered chicken (or cornstarch battered anything, really) is that the crispy coating doesn’t sog under buttermilk salad dressing.

No buttermilk at home? You can whip up your own buttermilk dressing by using this how-to and giving some a shake with mayo, sour cream, garlic, vinegar, and salt. Drizzle this deliciousness on any platter of greens plus fried chicken plus salad-friendly goodies, like dried cranberries. Say hello to your new favorite lunch.

Munch On Brunchy Chicken And Waffles


Find someone who loves you like crunchy chicken loves fluffy waffles. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Also, waffles are totally dinner, especially when you pair them with protein. Drizzle with maple syrup, or opt for savory toppings. Anything you’d put on chicken or on waffles is fair game.

Go For The Gravy

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Bake pre-made biscuits, add your Crispiest Fried Chicken and smother it all with the gravy from this recipe, an OOLA favorite. Made with whole milk and butter, it’s a truly decadent dressing, which is what fried chicken like this deserves. The classic chicken-gravy combo also works well with Southern-style buttermilk cornbread. Dig in!

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