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A Trendy Plaid Scarf

Plaid scarves are all the rage right now. We love this trend because plaid scarves add a pop of color to any look without clashing with the rest of your outfit. Plaid scarves can add an autumnal element to any outfit. They work well with casual outfits like t-shirts and bulky sweaters; as well as dressier options like a peacoat. You can't go wrong with purchasing a plaid scarf since they're extra versatile!

Dimore's plaid scarf is iconic for this winter season. With over 22 different plaid patterns in every color imaginable, the scarf caters to your style and fashion needs.

The scarf can be worn in a million ways—even working as a big shawl or blanket. And, the pest part is that the scarf is "soft as cashmere, warm as fleece." What more could you ask for?

With over 1,500 reviews and an Amazing rating of 4.5 stars, this scarf is a crowd pleaser. Don't believe us? Read a review below!

You're About To Get An Amazing Review

"I have been purchasing on Amazon for as long as I can remember and this scarf is the best purchase that I have ever made. THE BEST.

When it came in the mail, I opened the package and then I touched it. It's so soft. I feel like I'm petting a bunch of tiny kittens. It's thin but not too thin. It doesn't feel cheap.

I like this scarf because it's not super bulky around my neck. This thing is gigantic—I was freezing in my office yesterday and unwrapped my scarf and made myself a fun little blanket to enjoy during my 9-5. I felt so cozy and warm. It was wonderful.

I freaking love this scarf."

A Timeless Scarf That Feels Just Like Cashmere

Cashmere, while cozy, is very expensive. For a fashionista buying on a budget, a knock-off cashmere scarf is a great investment, with all the perks of a cashmere scarf minus the cringeworthy price tag!

Plum Feather's winter scarf feels heavenly to the touch and is an effortless look that belongs in everyone's closet. It's a staple piece that will last forever and be in style forever. Cozy fabrics are always trendy!

The scarf comes in over 28 colors, some brighter tones, others more muted. What we like most about the scarf is the easiness of it. The simplicity of the scarf makes it gender-neutral and the perfect gift for someone who might have picky taste or you just don't know what to give them!

The scarf has almost 700 reviews on Amazon with a solid 4.5 stars.

Read on to hear what one Amazon user thinks, and the special meaning the scarf has for her.

Totally What I Wanted And Expected. I Could Not Find Anything Like This Locally.

"I am undergoing treatment for neck cancer in Portland, Oregon. I have come all the way from Costa Rica for this treatment so the weather is especially chilly for me.

I ordered this because my neck is tender and many of my shirts cause chafing and pain. This is awesome. It keeps me warm, and protects me from the pain of a normal garment touching. It's super soft and works perfect for me."

A Minimalist Scarf That Goes With Everything

Wander Agio's simple winter scarf even looks cozy. The scarf is made with a thick fabric, is wide across and long, making it both a statement piece but also a scarf that goes with everything.

The scarf comes in 16 beautiful colors that match with just about any outfit. We would wear any of the colors because they're all so pretty!

With 4 stars on Amazon, buyers are really loving this scarf. See for yourself!

You Need This—It's The Scarf You've Been Looking For

"Beautifully soft and just the perfect size! It can be worn as a headscarf, shawl, neck scarf. It's not bulky, but rather light weight, and warm and cozy.

It can be worn with Sunday best dress, Saturday night outfits, or with jeans and sneakers. If it washes nice over and over and I'll be buying more in multiple colors. I have the green and it's a beautiful shade—like a forest green/emerald mix.

It comes with a nice storage bag, and it's not at all a stinky toxic smelling plastic. And the plus is, there is no label scratching you or hanging obnoxiously in view!"

A Cute Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Scarfans' adorable leopard print scarf is a statement look. The scarf is made with a thin, lightweight fabric that won't make your neck too hot, but will still keep you warm. The fabric is wrinkly, which creates texture and dimension to the look.

The scarf comes in 15 different types of leopard print with unique color combinations like grey and black leopard print with a hot pink stripe.

The leopard print scarf has almost 1,000 ratings, ranking at 4.5 stars. Read on to hear the scoop from someone who bought the scarf!

I Love This Scarf

"I have gotten so many compliments whenever I wear it. The material has a texture to give it volume, but it is light and not too heavy to wear as an accessory.

The great thing about it is that it also keeps me warm when I wear it outside! I haven't worn it in less than 32 degree weather, so I cannot speak for the cold snowy days, but I have worn it several fall days and have had a warm neck the whole evening through.

I definitely recommend this to everyone else, the pattern is so flattering—who doesn't love leopard print!?"

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