The Fryer Makes Cooking Easy, Delicious, And Fast!

If you love to cook but tend to eat unhealthy meals, the air fryer can help you kick bad eating habits without compromising taste! The fryer uses 85% less fat than deep frying a dish, and the food is still crunchy and delectable! Most recipes call for only a tablespoon of oil, so you can enjoy crispy food without worrying about your figure.

The fryer has 11 presets that ensure each meal is as delicious as possible. The fryer can successfully crisp up steak, seafood, bread, dessert, veggies, frozen foods, and so much more! You can make anything you could possibly want with the air fryer—tater tots, sweet potato fries, chicken fried steak, tofu, we could go on and on! The possibilities truly are endless.

If you love to cook, learn to approach cooking in a new way with the fryer. If cooking isn't your thing, just throw something into the fryer and dinner will be ready in just a few minutes. No matter how you prefer to cook, the Cosori air fryer makes cooking a breeze.

The meals are fast, easy, and the options are limitless!

With Tons Of Cool Features, You're Getting Your Money's Worth!

The Cosori Air Fryer has so many features to love.

Since you're going to be using your fryer a lot and it might end up in plain sight, you'll likely want to have options for the color of your fryer. Cosori has three colors to choose from: black, burgundy, and creamy white. Each shade is sleek and the design of the air fryer makes the piece fit right in with your other appliances.

Cosori has several size options that accommodate any size family. The 3.7 quart is more cost-efficient, but if you're feeding a big family, you might want to invest in a 5.8 quart fryer instead!

You'll be frying your meals in a dishwasher-safe, nonstick basket that makes cleaning easy as can be. The exterior has a digital touch screen, but the screen is fingerprint-resistant, so you don't have to worry about the exterior of the fryer looking greasy over time.

The touch screen has 11 settings that make your life a little easier, especially if you're not super comfortable in the kitchen! If you're nervous about messing up your meal, there's even an option to for the fryer to alert you when it's time to shake your meal, to ensure even frying and crunchiness! It's totally user-friendly!

Best of all, Cosori even sets you up with a recipe book to get you started on your air fryer journey. If you're a little kitchen shy, rest assured you're in great hands with this super easy-to-use air fryer that Amazon has only rave reviews about.

Whoever Designed This Fryer And Package Deserves A Promotion!

"This air fryer is a jewel that comes only once in a great while. For a beautifully designed unit, fantastic package of books, manuals and presentation, and a product that seems to work very well, this is a fabulous choice not only to purchase for yourself, but to give as a gift. We have found we can make plenty of food quickly and beautifully.

This air fryer is one of the most impressive things I have seen in a while. FIVE STARS. I am serious when I say that the team that put together this package of air fryer and books is very good at what they do."

Amazing product! Best Costumer Service Ever!

"I love everything about this product. My family uses it at least twice a day. I would highly recommend to anyone who likes to eat but doesn't like to cook. The food tastes amazing and save times and hassle of cooking everyday... It's super easy to use and easier to clean!"

Extremely Pleased

"I have used this instead of my stove or toaster oven everyday since I received it two months ago. I’ve enjoyed experimenting with every food in my repertoire and the air fryer does a remarkable job. I’m using far less oil than I used to, the texture is crispy, insides are moist, and it’s so easy to clean. I’ve collected a long list of previously fried foods I’m going to be able to eat without guilt. I’ve been loving to cook for almost fifty years and this is a valuable kitchen appliance I wish I had years ago. I highly recommend the Cosori Air Fryer."

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