Chillier weather calls for warmer beverages, which means you'll likely find yourself walking back and forth between your kitchen and office to prepare a cup of coffee, tea, or a bowl of ramen. And if you find it increasingly difficult to get the right temperature for your drink, consider it a sign to stop boiling water using the microwave and opt for a tool like the Ovente Stainless Steel 1.7L Electric Kettle instead.

With five preset settings, this kitchen wonder is designed to help you get the right temperature of water for every beverage you prepare. That way, you can brew your coffee beans and tea leaves to perfection, allowing you to enjoy richer tastes and avoid a burnt tongue.

The kettle is capable of boiling up to 1.7 liters of water in seven minutes or less, and it can keep it warm for up to two hours so you won't have to reheat each time you make a fresh cup. Plus, thanks to the touchscreen panel, you can easily check and modify the settings.

Usually retailing for $39.99, you can get this kettle on sale now for $26.99. Use the code BFSAVE15 at checkout to get an additional 15% off discount.

Ovente Stainless Steel 1.7L Electric Kettle with Touch Screen Control Panel - $26.99

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