Going green is no longer considered a trend — it's a responsibility. Aside from doing the bare minimum like recycling your trash at home and occasionally carpooling with your colleagues, there's a ton more we could all be doing to help save our planet. For starters, you can stop using disposable cutlery and switch to using eco-friendly utensils like this Bamboo Cutlery Set.

Unlike the plastic and metal utensils you typically use in restaurants, bamboo has inherent antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it a safer and healthier choice. This set effectively minimizes your intake of harmful chemicals like BPA, which can often be found in plastic items. By toting this set around, not only are you actively keeping yourself healthy, but you're also taking part in reducing plastic waste. And now that the holidays are coming, it also makes the perfect gift to encourage your friends and family to make greener choices.

Usually retailing for $13.95, the Bamboo Cutlery Set is now on sale for only $12.50.

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set - $12.5

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