Consuming wine straight from the bottle is only acceptable behind closed doors, but not so much when you have guests over. It's in everyone's best interest to transfer it into a vessel that not only looks good, but also helps preserve or even enhance the flavor. The Eravino Wine Aerating Carafe Decanter certainly fits the bill.

Now available at Black Friday prices, this decanter boasts a unique cap design that creates a beautiful waterfall effect when pouring vino into the glass. And once the wine is stored inside, it lets the beverage breathe fresh air, thereby enhancing its purity and improving the flavor and aroma. The decanter also features a wide base design that facilitates a more efficient aerating process. It helps that it's aesthetically pleasing too, so you'll have no problem displaying it in your home bar.

This handmade decanter normally goes for $99.99, but for a limited time, you can get it on sale for only $40 with code BFSAVE20.

Eravino Wine Aerating Carafe Decanter with Lid - $40 with code BFSAVE20

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