A classy drink like whiskey deserves to be enjoyed in an equally fancy cup. In fact, your choice of vehicle can make or break your drinking experience. The brand of beverage is only part of the experience — the vessel matters, too. Think about it: consuming scotch from a measly coffee cup isn't as exhilarating as sipping from an appropriately classy piece of glassware.

And as far as drinkability and aesthetics go, you'd be hard-pressed to find a glass as sophisticated as Dragon Glassware's Diamond Whiskey Glass. Boasting a design inspired by, well, diamonds, it's the perfect vessel to house your favorite spirits. The 50-degree tilted angle allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside, while the construction sees to it that you won't experience any rocking or spillage. It's also made from crystal clear, lead-free, and high-quality glass, adding refinement to your home bar. Oh, and it's the ideal gift for your whiskey-loving pals, too.

Usually retailing for $29.99, you can grab a set (which includes four glasses) of these whiskey cups for only $21.67 with code BFSAVE15.

Diamond Whiskey Glasses - $21.67

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