Over the years, meal kits have taken a front-row seat in America's kitchens for their undeniable convenience, and alluring meal plans that got adults excited about cooking! But something was still missing.

There were limited options for cooking subscriptions for children, until Raddish Kids, entered the cooking kit scene to attest that kids could be passionate foodies too!

What Is Raddish Kids?

child reading Raddish Kids instructions

Raddish Kids, is a monthly cooking club subscription that provides an excellent way for children to engage in the exciting world of culinary arts while creating cherished family memories. Not only will children acquire valuable lifelong kitchen skills, but they'll also learn about math, palate development, culture, geography, history, and so much more.

What's Included With A Raddish Kids Subscription?

raddish kids kit
Brittany Baxter

A Raddish Kids subscription includes the following:

  • three high-quality lamented recipe cards with a culinary theme
  • three culinary skills cards that focus on an area of math, geography, culture, and many more educational subjects.
  • a handy grocery shopping list inside your kit and via email
  • a unique kitchen activity that often ties to the box's culinary theme
  • kid-friendly kitchen tools
  • iron-on Raddish Kids patch collectors patch
  • table-talk cards
  • Raddish apron with your first purchase of a six of 12-month membership (additional aprons may be purchased during checkout)

How Much Does Raddish Kids Cost?

raddish kids recipe cards
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Like other cooking kits, Raddish Kids is delivered straight to your home, but rather than every week, Raddish Kids is sent monthly. Raddish Kids offers the following plans.

All memberships will auto-renew at the end of their term.

How Do I Cancel Raddish Kids?

If you're wondering how to cancel a Raddish Kids subscription - please note that members that purchases a prepaid plan will continue to receive kits until the end of their current prepaid period. But, members have the option of canceling auto-renewal at any time by navigating to their plan details in their accounts and selecting cancel.

Raddish Kids: Our Review

child with raddish kids apron
Brittany Baxter

Here at Oola, each and everyone one of us believes you're never too young or too old to start your culinary journey! And in my home, we love to cook. So naturally, I was thrilled to receive a Raddish Kids kit to review with my daughter.

When she saw the box, my child's first words were, "Is that for me?" with a radiant smile from ear to ear! The box was decked out in neon-colored kitchen tools, and a cheery Raddish. My daughter could tell right away that this box was meant for kids, even though she's barely five.

Eager to open the box, we dug right in and discovered an adorable child-sized red whisk (her favorite color), along with an apron that she was incredibly excited about! "I can be a baker!" she exclaimed.

Then we noticed the recipe cards housed in an envelope sealed with the Raddish Kids iron-on collector's patch. Inside were three bright and colorful, heavy-duty laminated recipe cards with a Thai cuisine theme. My daughter was instantly captivated with the recipe cards and immediately started instructing me on how to make Pad Thai, as she followed the illustrations on the card. "Can we make this now?" she pleaded.

I was shocked. My child loves noodles. But, when I say noodles, what I really mean is macaroni and cheese.

The kit also included a fun and exciting Thai fruit carving challenge that my child was excited to do. I appreciated that the what you'll need list consisted of everyday ingredients, and common supplies that we already had in the kitchen.

Raddish Kids also included a chef's challenge and table talk cards to keep the conversation going with your children long after meal prep was over. The discussions included an overview of the culinary theme, kitchen tools, taste exploration, and much more. I loved how Raddish Kids incorporated as much educational material into this kit, making it an enriching experience for both the child and caregiver.

I also appreciated the handy shopping list included in the box, so I could bring that along with me when shopping for ingredients for our special recipes.

How Was The Raddish Kids Cooking Process?

pad thai raddish kids
Brittany Baxter

To be honest, initially, I was slightly disappointed by the fact that ingredients were not included with Raddish Kids. I couldn't see the value in the kit. But, that quickly changed upon opening the box, during meal prep, and during mealtime.

The cooking kit is aimed towards children ages four to 14+ in mind. Unlike recipes, you'd print online, the illustrated recipe cards from Raddish Kids are adapted to be patient with younger chefs. My child was able to read the cards and follow directions without truly knowing how to read. This empowered her, gave her confidence, and made her incredibly proud.

My daughter's sense of pride transferred over to mealtime when she was willing to enjoy her meal without any fuss. She is notoriously known for being a picky eater, but she happily ate her Pad Thai and enjoyed it. This is what members are paying for when they sign up for Raddish Kids, along with educational materials, not for ingredients.

Making recipes with family is always a cherished memory, and Raddish Kids, understands that, yet they kick those moments up a notch by sprinkling in some added pixie dust. When my child tells me first thing in the morning, "Remember when we made Pad Thai, Mommy? That was so much fun!" I know that Raddish Kids is worth it!

Start your Raddish Kids monthly kit here!

Brittany Baxter

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