Get ready to fire up that grill and push the same ol' hamburgers and hot dogs aside because we've compiled a list of surprising foods that are better grilled! Our sensational list was made for those that love chillin' and grillin', guaranteed to make you the king of the grill!

1. Perfect Grilled Pizza

grilled cheese pizza

Pizza is great fresh out of the oven, but if you haven't haven't had it grilled, you haven't lived! Enjoy pizza night under the stars when you prepare your perfect grilled pizza right on the grill. Simply roll out your pizza dough and brush with olive oil, and toss it on the grill for crispy crust with a tender and chewy center. Top your grilled pizza with your favorite toppings for an unforgettable meal that'll have you skipping take-out for the rest of the summer!

The Weber Gensis II is a great option for grilling pizza thanks to its large cooking surface area. It also features a 169 square-inch warming rack.

2. Grilled Peaches With Ice Cream

grilled peaches ice cream

Stone fruits or fruits with a pit or "stone" in their center are absolutely delicious grilled and make for a simple, yet mind-blowing summer dessert. Grilled peaches with ice cream is a summertime favorite. To prepare this easy treat, slice your peaches in half, drizzle with oil, and then place it on the grill. The heat of the grill brings out the natural sugars in the peaches and caramelizes the edges, making grilling the preferred method of preparing a peach!

3. Grilled Brie

grilled brie

If you're a baked brie fan, you'll love grilled brie, and it's savory smokey twist! This sweet and savory appetizer can easily be prepared on the grill during your backyard barbecues and served with a refreshing, delicious white sangria. Brush your wheel of brie with oil and place directly on the grill; it's that simple!

If you're looking to grill up brie, fruits, or vegetables, a charcoal grill such as the Weber Original Kettle Premium 22" Grill is an excellent choice. It will add a nice charcoal-grilled flavor to the food.

4. Grilled Bacon

grilled bacon

Bacon is always good! But what if you could make it better? Switch up your morning routine and start grilling bacon instead of frying it in a pan. Why is bacon better on the grill? It reduces cleanup, and it's a healthy option with less grease.

One of the best mobile grills for grilling bacon is the Coleman Roadtrip 225 Portable Tabletop Propane Grill. The drip tray will catch the shedding bacon grease and the gas cooking won't subtract from or over-exemplify the already smoky flavor of the bacon.

5. Grilled Pineapple With Brown Sugar And Sea Salt

grilled pineapple

Learning how to grill a pineapple is a popular topic, as this refreshing tropical fruit is best served grilled as it enhances its tangy sweetness. Sprinkling grilled pineapple with brown sugar and sea salt compliment this warm dessert beautifully. Add a dollop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of maple syrup to really take it over the edge!

6. Grilled Romaine Hearts

grilled romaine hearts

Kick that boring salad up a notch with grilled romaine hearts! Grilling your romaine hearts is an easy way to elevate your salad in minutes, by adding a unique smokey char-grilled taste. Grill your romaine and leave it whole or give it a rough cut and top it with your favorite healthy salad toppings for a delicious quick and easy summer meal!

7. Grilled Pound Cake

grilled pound cake with peaches

Grilling a pound cake may seem strange at first, but we promise, a slice of crispy, buttery and golden grilled pound cake topped with your favorite fruits will have feeling over-the-moon in love.

8. Grilled Donuts

grilled donuts

Throwing donuts on the grill may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you imagine grilling, but that's also how they made our surprising list of foods that taste better grilled -and believe us when we say grilled donuts are amazing!

Like most of the items listed, the grill adds a subtle smokey flavor, to a plain glazed donut, while also enhancing the warm, soft pillowy texture. Enjoy this decant dessert as is, or top with ice cream and grilled fruits.

9. Grilled Avocado

grilled avocado

Are you looking for an easy keto or low-carb, summer dinner idea? Look no further than grilled avocados that'll surely reign supreme over traditional avocados any day! Top your grilled avocados with your choice of protein, spicy salsa, or Pico de gallo for a delicious filling low-calorie meal.

10. Grilled Cheese On A Grill

grilled cheese

Having an actual grilled cheese on the grill will amplify the flavor of your melted cheese and give a smokiness to the crispy bread that can't be recreated in a pan on your stove in the kitchen. Get yourself a hearty loaf of artisan Italian bread, and treat yourself to the best-ever-grilled cheese!

If you're looking for an entry-level grill or want a separate grill to experiment with some of these amazing grilled foods, the NexGrill 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill is a solid choice at a good price to get your grill on!

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