Get ready to snack around the world with SnackCrate, an exciting monthly box of global goodies shipped right to your front door! Experience culture through food, with SnackCrate's exclusive global snack collection! With SnackCrate, you can look forward to a tasty adventure every month and also win a trip to a featured country with your lucky adventure ticket.

What Does SnackCrate Offer?

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SnackCrate offers an affordable monthly subscription of the most popular global snacks delivered straight to your door. Each month, members will discover the snack food culture, of a new featured country. SnackCrate handpicks and hand-packs the most beloved snacks from each month's country every month and sends it straight to their subscribers for a tasty surprise!

Along with your well-traveled snacks, SnackCrate will also include themed stickers, and a helpful booklet to identify all of your treats. Inside the booklet, you'll also come across some fun facts, games, and a music playlist.

When you subscribe to SnackCrates's original or premium crate, members will also be automatically entered to win an adventure ticket. The lucky winner with the SnackCrate containing the adventure ticket will be flown with a guest to that month's featured country for three nights for an adventure of a lifetime.

How Much Does SnackCrate Cost?

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SnackCrate offers three affordable monthly crate options; mini, original, and premium, all with free shipping.

  • Mini Crate: Half pound crate, about 5-6 full-sized snacks at $14.99 per month.
  • Original Crate: (most popular) One pound crate, about 9-12 full-sized snacks at $26.99 per month.
  • Premium Crate: Three pound crate, about 16-20 plus fulled-sized snacks at $49.99 per month

Add a drink every month from SnackCrate's featured country to your order for an additional $5.99.

If you're looking to order a SnackCrate for your office or larger gathering, SnackCrate also offers a Big F* SnackCrate with 110 plus snacks for $199.00 per month. SnackCrate describes it as a lot of F** snacks in a big F** box!

Can I Choose What Goes In My SnackCrate?


Unfortunately, no. But not being able to pick your snacks for your SnackCrate is part of what makes SnackCrate so much fun! Each month members will be surprised with new and interesting snacks they may have never seen or tried before, making for an exciting experience.

However, you can visit SnackCrate's online store and stock up on your favorite snacks from past crates.

How Do I Cancel My Snack Crate Subscription?


Done snackin'? You don't have to worry about any time-consuming phone calls when it comes to canceling your SnackCrate subscription. Luckily, all you need to do is log into your account and click the "subscription" tab and then select "cancel next plan." You're all set!

SnackCrate also offers members the convenient option to pause or skip their subscriptions for one month if needed.

SnackCrate: Our Review

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For this review, I signed up for SnackCrate's most popular option, the original crate, which contains nine to 12 full-sized snacks. Prior to signing up, I filled out a short questionnaire on their website, that asked me for my birthday (so they can send me freebies) and my thoughts on which country I thought would have the most delicious foods out of the following options; Germany, Hawaii, Japan, Korea, Caribbean, and Greece. I choose Germany.

Next, SnackCrate asked me what kind of snacks I prefer; sweet and chocolatey, salty, and savory, or a mix of the two. They said they'd use this as a way to know what to send me for snacks. I choose a mix of the two, as it was the recommended choice.

Finally, SnackCrate asked me to select my crate size. A 50 percent coupon was applied to the crates for first-time customers, making the starting point only $7.99 with the mini crate. However, I wanted a chance to try more snacks, so I decided to go with the original crate at $13.99 and have a chance at one adventure ticket entry. I did notice that the premium crates offered three adventure ticket entries, but I was content with my choice.

After I made my selections, SnackCrate recommended that I start with Germany, which was no surprise after I had selected it for having the tastiest food options. But, they gave me the option to change countries if I wasn't feeling it, one being a mystery country.


I received my first SnackCrate box relatively quickly, but the same can't be said for subsequent boxes. SnackCrate renews on the fifth of each month and then arrives at the end of the month, making for a rather long wait.

SnackCrate boxes are packaged incredibly well. When handling the box, it feels like you're receiving something substantial, which took me by surprise the first time as it states that the original crates are around one pound. The boxes are bright, cheery, yet simple in a pastel blue and labeled with a large SnackCrate logo.

Inside the crate, you're greeted with beautifully themed paper packaging, with illustrations of the featured country's culture. I like to save it along with the informative booklets and themed stickers. I appreciate that SnackCrate included these unique accents into their boxes, as it goes beyond the snacks giving us a glimpse into some of these beautiful countries.

My family is always thrilled to receive a SnackCrate, not just because it's filled with tasty snacks but because it's an experience, a short journey into another culture at an affordable price once a month delivered straight to our door. We love to gather around the table and take turns, selecting which snack to share next. SnackCrate has helped us create memorable family moments that we look forward to recreating every month.

Even though we haven't always loved every snack we've received in the box, having the opportunity to try new foods, and learn about new cultures is well worth the monthly subscription.

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