What better time to enjoy our favorite romantic movies and movie scenes than during a stuck-at-home Valentine's Day?

Whether you've got a honey at home or not, these romantic scenes are timeless and tear-jerking. Some are joyful. Some are sad. Some are quirky. Some are cute. Many star Ryan Gosling. And some are just downright, all-out romantic.

Spoilers ahead! Here are our favorite movies to watch on Valentine's Day.

1. When Harry Met Sally: New Year's Eve

We can't really talk about romantic movies without mentioning When Harry Met Sally—possibly the rom-com of all rom-coms. "I'll have what she's having" is iconic, but Harry finally declaring his love for Sally on New Year's Eve (after 12 years of friendship) really hits us in the feels. His passionate speech and their subsequent kiss are enough to make anyone emotional.

2. (500) Days of Summer: IKEA Scene

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom) and Zooey Deschanel (Summer) are irresistibly charming and quirky in (500) Days of Summer. In this unexpectedly sweet and funny scene, the couple is playing house in IKEA, pretending that they live there. Add this popular romantic comedy-drama to your Valentine's Day queue.

3. Up: Ellie and Carl Relationship Montage

Not many movies are as sweet or as sad as Pixar's Up. One of the saddest and most heart-warming scenes is the one where they show Ellie and Carl's relationship over time. Just make sure you have a box of tissues ready.

4. 50 First Dates: Ending Scene

50 First Dates is an enjoyable (if sappy) story of the lengths we'll go to for those we love. In this final scene, we see how Henry (Adam Sandler) has managed to make long-lasting love work with Lucy (Drew Barrymore), despite the constant challenge of her memory loss. It's an unconventional love story with an unconventional ending.

5. Brokeback Mountain: "I Wish I Knew How to Quit You!"

Brokeback Mountain just might be one of the saddest, sexiest movies of all time. While this scene is more heart-wrenching than heart-warming, it'll undoubtedly make you feel all the feels of their tragic love story.

6. The Notebook: First Date

Allie smiling at Noah

When you think of movies to watch on Valentine's Day, The Notebook may be the first film that comes to mind. As the beginning of one of the most popular love stories, this first date scene between Allie and Noah is perfectly sweet and romantic. It's exactly like a first date should be.

7. Wonder Woman: Steve's Death


In this action-packed and emotional scene in Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor sacrifices himself. In her grief, love, and anguish, Wonder Woman finds the strength and courage to defeat Ares and end the war.

8. Silver Linings Playbook: Dance Competition

Jack Sparrow/[YouTube]([[[[https://youtu

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are the perfect team in this hilarious and slightly offbeat rom-com. In one of the last scenes of Silver Linings Playbook, the dynamic duo competes in a dance competition together. The result is enchanting, amusing, and oh-so-romantic.

9. Titanic: Jack Draws Rose

Rose looking at Jack

This is one of the most famous romantic scenes—ever. The chemistry between Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is both sweet and sexy. A good one to return to again and again.

10. Carol: Final Scene

Like much of the rest of the film, the ending scene of Carol is perfectly subtle. Therese (played by Rooney Mara) enters the restaurant and makes her way closer to Carol (Cate Blanchett), as a smile slowly emerges on Carol's face.

11. Her: The Beach Scene

Her is a love story like no other. Theodore's (Joaquin Phoenix) love for his operating system Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) is remarkably human and endearing. In the beach scene, he lies on the beach while Samantha plays him a song she wrote for him. It's an incredibly touching and memorable moment.

12. A Star Is Born: Parking Lot Serenade

A Star Is Born 2018/[YouTube]([https://y

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's chemistry in A Star Is Born is out of this world. On the first night they meet, we can see them starting to fall in love before our eyes. And Lady Gaga's singing is just the cherry on top.

13. Blue Valentine: Song and Dance

Apparently, Ryan Gosling's go-to move is asking ladies to dance. This scene makes our list because A) It has "Valentine" in the title, and B) Watching Dean (Gosling) play the ukulele and sing while Cindy (Michelle Williams) dances along never gets old. The moment feels so real and charming that we can't help but be captivated.

14. Moulin Rouge: Satine's Death


There are too many incredibly romantic moments in Moulin Rouge to count. But Christian (Ewan McGregor) and Satine (Nicole Kidman) singing "Come What May" to each other right before Satine dies just might take the cake. Be prepared for full-on crying.

15. Moonlight: Diner Scene

Moonlight is an exquisite movie overall, and this scene is perfectly written, paced, and acted. The emotions and sexual tension will have you glued to the screen.

16. Love Actually: Proposal Scene

There are many favorite romantic scenes we could choose from Love Actually (practically every scene). But one of the absolute best is the scene when Jamie (Colin Firth) proposes to Aurelia (Lucia Moniz). The sweeping gesture and the adorably broken English and Portuguese make this a truly lovely moment.

17. La La Land: Ending Scene

In the last scene of La La Land, we see what might have been if Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) had stayed together. It's a beautifully encapsulated moment about love had, love lost, and love that might have been.

18. Brooklyn: This Is Where Your Life Is

We dare you not to cry in this last moment of the beautiful movie Brooklyn. Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) and Tony (Emory Cohen) share a sweet, emotional, heartfelt embrace—and leave us enamored with their love.

19. Juno: Bleeker and Juno

Juno and Bleeker's quirky love story is nothing if not unique. Here, Juno (Elliot Page) fills Bleeker's (Michael Cera) mailbox up with Tic Tacs, and then very pregnant Juno professes her love to Bleeker on the high school track.

20. 10 Things I Hate About You: Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Heath Ledger captured all of our hearts when he performed "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" in 10 Things I Hate About You. This scene will never ever ever get old.

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