16 Eco-friendly Products for a More Sustainable Kitchen

Amazon Basics Silicone, Non-Stick, Food Safe Baking Mat - Pack of 2

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An excellent alternative to parchment paper or foil, this nonstick silicone baking mat is oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. This reusable mat is perfect to line your baking sheet to roast veggies, bake cookies, or roll out pastries. Silicone mats may become discolored over time, but it won't affect how they work. Use them to make our copycat Gideon's Bakehouse Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fried Cheese Curds, Oven-Baked Potato Skins, or this Simple Roasted Asparagus Recipe.

Bamboo Slotted Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Organizer Bin

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Organization is trending with Netflix shows like Get Organized with The Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Before you reach for plastic bins to organize all your kitchenware, check out these aesthetically pleasing bamboo storage bins. Made with sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo, these bins have natural antimicrobial properties making them stain and odor resistant.

Knork Eco Astrik Plant-Based To-Go Ware

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Reusable and compostable, this plant-based set of forks and spoons can replace throwaway plasticware of the same function. Sturdy and durable, these utensils are perfect to take on picnics, road trips, or to throw in your lunchbox for work. Made from sugar cane starch and bamboo fibers these utensils can be used for around a year, but when thrown out, they will break down in about 2 years. So much faster than their plastic counterparts!

Silicone Baking Cups

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Reusable baking cups take the place of paper liners that usually just end up sticking to our cupcakes anyway. Muffins and cupcakes slide out of silicone baking cups easily! Use these molds to bake our Chocolate Chip Bananamilk Muffins, Legendary Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins, or these ah-mazing Copycat Hostess Cupcakes. Made from BPA-free, recycled, and food-grade silicone, these babies are dishwasher, freezer, and oven-safe up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Glass Food Storage Containers

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Stackable, leak-resistant, and BPA-free these glass storage containers with bamboo lids are the perfect alternative to plastic containers.

An Amazon reviewer said, "I am switching over to using all-glass instead of plastic for storing my food. I like these because they look elegant and upscale, but they are easy to clean and they stack nicely due to the recessed part in the lid. Other brands have a smooth top where the containers would easily slide off when stacked."

Swedish Dishcloth Akamino Cellulose Sponge Cloths for Kitchen

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With super cute designs, these Swedish Dishcloths are eco-friendly and reusable. Made from biodegradable cellulose, just wash and reuse instead of buying paper towels constantly. Super absorbent, one dishcloth will take the place of 20 paper towels. Clean glass, wood, marble, and stainless steel, and more. A package should last about a year. Afterward, just throw it in your compost bin!

Plant-Based Cleaning Brush Set

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Forgo plastic brushes for cleaning dishes, veggies, and even counters. Made from 100% plant-based fibers with wooden handles, this six-piece set comes with a pot scrubber, vegetable brush, bottle brush, oval scrubbing brush, and a dish brush.

Bamboo Tongs Toaster Tongs

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Nothing's worse than burning your fingertips in the morning while reaching for your toast. Save your fingers with these bamboo tongs! Ergonomic, flexible, and non-toxic these tongs are fantastic for appetizer platters, grabbing hot snacks, and mixing salads.

Ecordinary Eco-Friendly Natural Sponge

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Made from plant-based fibers, natural loofahs, and cotton, these sponges are biodegradable. With green packaging, these sponges will help you on your way to a more eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen.

Bamboo Paper Towels

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A reviewer said, "If you need a multi-purpose cloth for housework these towels are definitely what you need. I was surprised how absorbing they are compared to paper! Perfect for cleaning mirrors, windows, even polishing silverware... and they are reusable and I love it, my guess is I won't have to buy it again for at least 6 months."

ECO SOUL100% Compostable Trash Bags

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These non-toxic trash bags are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and office. Leak-proof they can handle even heavy kitchen loads.

Stong and durable, an Amazon reviewer raves, "I was very pleasantly surprised at the excellent quality of these bio-degradable trash bags. Perfect product. These are by far the best that I have seen. I had never heard of ECO SOUL before, but based on my satisfaction with these trash bags, I intend to purchase and test out some of their other products. I rarely write reviews, but I had to make an exception in this case. They have a happy new customer."

VEHHE Metal Straws Stainless Steel Straws

No More Plastic Straws
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Switching out plastic straws out for stainless steel straws is a no-brainer. Easy to clean with the included cleaning brush, these reusable stainless steel straws will lessen the guilt about all of those plastic straws in the ocean.

GreenPan Rio Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan, 12-Inch, Turquoise

Fantastic Non-Stick Pan
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Cook your healthy and delicious meal on a GreenPan Rio Ceramic Non-Stick Frypan without the toxins. Manufactured without PFAS and PFOA, this non-stick ceramic pan is also dishwasher safe.

Natural & Non-toxic Blueland Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit

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Available in Iris Agave, Perrine Lemon, Lavender Eucalyptus, and Pretty Earthy, Blueland soap is Leaping Bunny certified. The hand soap starter kit comes with a forever glass bottle and the tablets come in compostable packaging. Just drop a tablet into nine ounces of water, and that's it!

Bee’s Wrap – Assorted Set of 3

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The cutest sandwich wrap in all the land, this Bee's Wrap is made from organic cotton and you guessed it, responsibly sourced beeswax.

Jagrom 22 Pack Reusable Storage Bags

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Replace up to 300 disposable plastic bags with just one reusable resealable bag! Made of eco-friendly PEVA material, these reusable storage bags are PVC-free, lead-free, chloride-free, and BPA-free. They are freezer-friendly, so you can save leftovers, freeze fruit, or store snacks inside.

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