Humans manage to come up with the craziest things to eat. And state fair-style foods are certainly no exception.

In Arizona, they've got deep-fried scorpions. In a variety of states, there are bacon-wrapped caramel apples. Texas can boast its deep-fried bubblegum. Nebraska has pancake burgers (exactly what they sound like). And if a pancake burger wasn't weird enough, Mississippi offers Krispy Kreme burgers (yep, that's a burger with donuts for buns).

But Disneyland now seems to be competing for strangest snack. They've started offering a fried pickle corn dog with a very unexpected side for dipping.

A Fried Pickle Corn Dog??

hand holding a corn dog

That's right: Disneyland is now serving fried pickle corn dogs. And in case that wasn't adventurous enough for ya, they're serving them with a side of peanut butter. Yep, peanut butter!

To make these corn dogs, it appears that they cut out the center of a pickle to make room for the hot dog. The hot dog slides snugly inside of the pickle (we're having to resist all sorts of innuendos right about now). Then, just like with a normal corn dog, the pickle-hot dog popsicle is dipped in corn batter and fried to golden-brown perfection.

For some, the addition of the peanut butter might sound downright awful. But there's certainly a history of peanut butter-pickle combos in food. Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches were actually popular during the Great Depression, and some folks still enjoy them!

Crunchy, soft, salty, sweet—in theory, the fried pickle corn dog does seem to offer a potentially tantalizing combo of tastes and textures. I guess we'll just have to venture to Disneyland at some point and find out for ourselves.

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