In need of a bit more shindig in your system after Easter’s festivities? Not in the mood to wait until Memorial Day? If you’re looking to party with a purpose (or happen to be a big Star Wars fan), look no further than May 4th.

Through worldwide grassroots movements, May 4th became Honorary Star Wars Day, likely due to the date being ripe with pun potential: May the Fourth be with you, and so on.

Whether you’re George Lucas’s biggest fan or looking for an excuse to bust out some creative, whimsical recipes for the sake of celebration, these unique Star Wars-themed recipes are sure to delight Dark and Light Siders alike.

Star Wars Blue and Green Milk

Glass of blue and green milk

Start your Star Wars Day spread with a glass of tasty blue or green milk á la Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi and A New Hope, respectively. The intergalactic, brightly hued beverages were actually plain coconut milk altered in post, but these blue milk and green milk recipes offer a tropical twist with coconut, passionfruit, and pineapple flavors.

Lightsaber Pretzels

No need to duel over these delicious snacks. This lightsaber pretzel recipe from Taste of Home combines sweet and salty flavors into a fun dish your young Padawans are sure to love. And despite their stellar appearance, these lightsabers are incredibly easy to make. And while lightsaber duels are not required, they’re definitely encouraged.

TIE Fighter Cheddar Snacks

TIE fighter cheddar cheese snacks

More of an in-air fighter? Hy-Vee’s got you covered. With just a cheese cube, two crackers, and two dollops of peanut butter, you can make an edible savory version of the Galactic Republic’s Twin Ion Engine Starfighter (a.k.a. TIE fighter). Add a sweet fleet of TIE fighters to complete the scene.

Rey's Portion Bread

Screenshot of Rey's portion bread in Star Wars film

According to The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook, portion bread is “a simple mix of polystarch flour and some water. The chemical reaction from the combination of the two creates a self-risin’ miniature loaf that would satisfy even the pickiest scavenger.” This portion bread recipe uses sugar, cake flour, and matcha powder to make a more palatable—but just as portable—portion bread.

Star Wars Breakfast

It takes approximately 25 hours to watch all 11 live-action Star Wars movies, but luckily, blogger Carrie Elle invented what’s arguably the best Star Wars-themed breakfast we’ve ever seen. Go ahead; start the movie marathon at 6am. You’ll feel a lot better about waking up early while noshing on some TIE fighter eggs and hashbrown Wookiees.

Yoda Pancakes

To the next level of brunch, these Yoda pancakes will take you. Because if you’re going to make a Chewbacca out of hashbrowns, the only next logical step is to make some pancakes in the shape of the galaxy’s most well-loved Jedi Master.

Ewok Sushi

Celebrate the cutest forest moon dwellers there ever were with a deceptively easy-to-make batch of Ewok sushi. Flexible aburaage tofu pouches wrap around brown rice balls to create bite-size busts of the loyal teddy bear-like humanoids. Substitute a tiny sliver of radish skin or tomato for the salami mouth to keep these Ewoks vegetarian.

Princess Leia Rice Bowl

The rebel Princess Leia’s signature side bun hairstyle comes to life in a whole new way with this innovative Princess Leia Rice Bowl from Star Wars’ official website. The “hair” in question is savory, thin-sliced ribeye atop a bed of fluffy white rice. You love it. We know.

Stormtrooper Sliders

Another incredible recipe from Star Wars website contributor Jenn Fujikawa, these golden Stormtrooper slider buns are the perfect snack for an all-day movie marathon. Because the real star of the show is the Stormtrooper design on the top of the bun, you’re free to customize the rest of the recipe however you like. Switch out the burger patties with chicken patties, fish fillets, veggie burgers, cauliflower patties. (What? Defending the Imperial Cause makes a body hungry!)

Porg Chops

Porgs entered the Star Wars canon in 2017 with The Last Jedi, knocking Ewoks out of first place for Most Adorable Intergalactic Creature. The big eyes! The frowny face! It’s hard to decide just what we love so much about these little guys, but the Porg fever is real. Incorporate these sweet seabirds into your Star Wars spread with these uniquely designed Porg chops. (No Porgs were harmed in the making of this recipe.)

Wookiee Cookies

Pay homage to everyone’s favorite furry co-pilot with a new twist on a tried and true classic: Wookiee gingerbread cookies (fur not included). The chilled gingerbread dough will likely seem familiar to other wintry desserts, but an added chocolate chip bandolier and facial features set these chewy Wookiee cookies apart from the rest.

Stormtrooper Marshmallows

Hand holding storm trooper marshmallows infront of bowl of marshmallows

The only way this recipe could get easier is if you got someone else to do it. Using only jumbo marshmallows and an edible food maker, you can make an entire army of stone-faced Stormtroopers in under half an hour. Quick and efficient—just like the Stormtroopers like it.

Chocolate Galaxy Bark

Enjoy a sweet, swirly, and starry treat in a galaxy not so far away with’s chocolate galaxy bark recipe. This simple recipe involves melting, swirling, and chilling chocolate, which means it’s low-key enough to make with the kiddos during your all-day Star Wars marathon.

Han Solo in Carbonite

Recreate the famous image of Han Solo trapped in a silvery carbonite chamber with this ultra-simple recipe from Just Jenn Recipes. A Han Solo action figure is cleverly trapped in a bowl of regular ol’ Jell-O. No extra bells, whistles, or complicated processes. And thankfully, no battles need to be fought to rescue this poor guy from his wiggly prison.

Death Star Oreo Truffles

The only thing these Death Star truffles are destroying is the Star Wars dessert game. These Oreo and cream cheese balls dipped in melted chocolate take only 30 minutes to make. Change the recipe up for multiple batches of Oreo, graham cracker, vanilla wafer, shortbread, or gingersnap Death Stars. May the force be with not eat all of the truffles at once.

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