Do you know what the most expensive restaurant in your town is? The puzzling truth of the matter is that it might not be that fancy, candlelit, 5-star place that requires a reservation weeks in advance — it actually might be the movie theater. Prices at movie theater concession stands are so high, that you're actually paying more per ounce for popcorn from the movies than you would for a filet mignon at a nice restaurant!

So why do movie theaters mark up popcorn prices a shocking 1,300% from the store value, and why do we put up with it? The answer lies in where theaters get their money. Movie studios will take up to 70% of ticket sales, so just showing movies alone can't properly fund the theater. The money they do get to keep, however, is made at the concession stand. They rely on the strong, buttery aroma of popcorn in the lobby to get people hungry and willing to buy a tub, and of course a large soda since popcorn is great at making people thirsty.

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