Brewers have been crafty for awhile with different flavors of beer. The new beer trend? Breakfast-flavored beer. 21st Amendment in San Francisco has jumped in on the trend with its Pop Tart-flavored beer. The beer is a red India pale ale named Toaster Pastry, which commemorates its first brewing facility that is in an old Kellogg's plant . By using biscuit malt the beer takes on a pastry-like flavor and the use of several crystal malts gives it a strawberry flavor. 

21st Amendment isn't the first to jump on this trend. Beers with names HefeWheaties and Cerealiously Count Chocula are a few of the breakfast-flavored beers. But, Toaster Pastry is one of the few that actually taste like the breakfast it represents. It was released in the Bay Area on August 29th and is sold in one size, a 19.2 ounce can with 7.6% ABV.

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