In a recent interview with the New York Times Magazine, Alton Brown admitted that he hates foodies. Why, you ask? Brown is religious, and feels there needs to be a spiritual aspect to enjoying and showing gratitude for a meal. He explained to New York Times that "the pornification of food takes away the importance of sharing it with one another and instead focuses only on the food". 

Additionally, Brown stated that while everyone loves food, the "foodie" feels the need to show off and prove their love of food. For this reason, Brown feels there is an intrinsic difference between a Food Network star and a chef: the chef simply loves food and cooking, while the Food Network star must show it off. Wait, hold up a minute. Isn't Alton Brown a Food Network star? Yes, he absolutely is. However, while Brown does not hesitate to admit that the Food Network and other aspects of the media are partially responsible for the rise of the foodie and the pornification of food, he states that "[this is] not the same as saying we are at fault".

So, essentially, Brown hates foodies, admits that his employer, Food Network, holds some responsibility for the rise of the foodie, but maintains that none of this is his fault.

Do you agree with Brown that the "foodie" is necessarily "bad"? Do you think Brown is at fault? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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