All your wildest candy dreams are about to come true. Berlin is jumping on the 3D printing train in the best way imaginable. They are now using a 3D printer to create custom candy gummies! The Magic Candy Factory in Berlin can print customizable gummies in 3 to 10 minutes. The 3D printing machine uses fruit puree and vegetarian gels to produce the gummies. When you go to the Magic Candy Factory, you can choose from 12 different shapes and 10 different colors and flavors. You can watch the 3D printing machine as it creates out your own gummy candy! 

The Magic Candy Factory allows people to not only learn about the technology behind 3D printing, but it also teaches them about the ingredients that go into the food they eat. It seems this may be the next step forward in the world of 3D printing! 

How cool would it be to be able to print your own custom gummies in a matter of minutes?!

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