It seems turning Disney princesses into a variety of different things has been the popular trend as of late. From reimagining them with different features, as different ethnicities or even has minions, many people have been jumping on the trend trying to recreate the best Disney princess version. Well, LuckyPeach, a site dedicated to food, decided to get in on this trend too. 

Anna Hezel and Gabriella Paiella are the two behind these reimagined Disney princesses and we're pretty sure this version is the best one yet. They reimagined a few Disney princesses as hot dogs and it's great! They chose to create Belle, Rapunzel, Pocahontas and Ariel, but the possibilities are endless here with just a little creativity and hot dog toppings. 

The first of the Disney princesses is Belle. They made hot dog Belle using slices of american cheese with mustard accents for the dress, ketchup for the facial features and BBQ sauce for the hair. The resemblance is almost uncanny don't you think? 

The next of the Disney princesses the two created was Rapunzel. From her flowing locks to her purple dress, we think this hot dog pulls off the look well. Hot dog Rapunzel's gorgeous long hair is made from sprouts and that stunning purple dress from layers of red onion. Hezel and Paiella even include directions on for your entertainment and use!

Pocahontas is our favorite. Look at the detail on that dress! Use a piece of american cheese to cut out the shape of Pocahontas's dress, add an onion necklace and finish off with BBQ sauce hair and ketchup facial features. These hot dog princesses look so good you might not even want to eat them!

How cute is this hot dog Ariel?! The sea shell top and lettuce tail look exactly like the real deal doesn't it? The hair is made out of Sriracha and the face out of ketchup. These reimagined hot dog princesses are perfect for a birthday party or just a fun dinner. Your kids can help make their favorite Disney princesses and you can even try your hand at recreating the other princesses too! 

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