Oreo just busted out a contest that will test your taste buds. By guessing their new Mystery Flavor, you have the chance to win the grand prize of $50,000. There are also five other runner-up prizes that are worth $10,000 each. All you have to do is buy the limited edition all-white pack, eat the mysterious cookie, figure out what the creme filling's secret flavor is, then submit your guess on Oreo's special website to be entered into the sweepstakes. Easy enough, right?

Oreo's "Wonder Vault" has already put out limited edition spinoffs in recent history with Red Velvet, Swedish Fish, and Peep flavors - so make sure you don't guess those! Instead of Oreo's classic chocolate wafer and vanilla creme combo, this mystery flavor has been said to have a fruity cereal taste. Hmmm...

You have until November 30 to submit your guesses and you can even submit a new one every day. Want to boost your chances? Submit a photo of yourself with the Mystery Flavor Pack or your receipt to prove you bought one. The grand prize drawing will be held around mid-December.

What are you waiting for? Get licking!

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