Craving a drink that's sweet AND spicy? Canada's fast-food chain, Tim Hortons, has got you covered. Known for its coffee and doughnut specialties, Tim Hortons busted out an alternative to the basic pumpkin spice with their own flavored drink - the Buffalo Latte. We're not joking. Consisting of a normal latte base, the new concotion features "buffalo sauce flavor" swirled in, along with "a dusting of zesty Buffalo seasoning."

The odd pairing has people freaking out and we're wondering who would ever want those two things combined. Seriously, what were you thinking, Canada?

Apparently, not everyone is completely turned off by this combination though.

This drink will only be offered for a limited time at two of its Buffalo, NY locations - the area that is home to the original buffalo wings and the first US-based Tim Hortons cafe.

If you find yourself in the area, will you give it a go?

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