Taco Bell is always looking for the greatest new product, and targeting the taco-lover with a sweet tooth, they are hoping to hit it big with the Kit Kat Chocoladilla. The new treat consists of melted chunks of the crispy, chocolatey treat in the middle of a grilled flour tortilla. Since it's announcement, the internet has been voicing both their admiration and pure disgust over this candy-filled addition to their menu.

For the haters, there are a few points of concern with a chocolate-filled 'dilla.

Others couldn't wait to get their hands wrapped around this new concoction.

Currently, it is up to the good folks in Wisconsin to make the final decision, as currently, the Kit Kat Chocodilla is only available there at select locations (with some locations even featuring a Twix-filled variety).

EIther they will unleash onto the world the greatest T-Bell dessert since the Cinna Twists or will save us all from this chocolate heart attack in a tortilla.

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