Whether you're planning for your big day or just taking a look at some early ideas, it's always fun to look at wedding invitation ideas. But with so many options out there, and etiquette to consider, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones you like the best.

Though you have thousands of options to look through, we compiled some wedding invitation ideas for you to feast your eyes on!

DIY Options

If you're looking to save yourself some money (and honestly, who isn't during wedding season) then you can try these do-it-yourself wedding invitation projects! Not only do these invites save you some cash but they each carry a little piece of you and the time you put in, making them extra special.

Handkerchief Invitations

handkerchief wedding invite

It's no secret that some people cry at weddings. While you might not want them blowing their nose into your wedding invitation, it's also a cute idea to print your invite on a handkerchief and mail them out! Anna Skye of Download & Print wrote a piece about how easy it is to do this sort of wedding invitation and all you'd really need is some fabric and a machine called the Blumenthal Lansing Crafter's Images 100-Percent Cotton Poplin Photo Fabric. She goes into detail about how she made them and just how simple it is to do them yourself!

Print-At-Home Invitations

wedding invite

Love and Lavender is a company that lets you choose which design you want but also gives you the option of printing your invitations at home so you don't need to spend tons of money on having them delivered to you. They allow you to choose whichever print you want, ask you to download the PDF file, have you fill in the appropriate information, and then give you the option to print them from the comfort of your own home!

Electronic Invitations

kraft wedding invite

With everything moving online now, an inexpensive do-it-yourself wedding invitation idea would be to send out an invite online. There are plenty of websites out there that allow you to customize your own invitation and send them out to people via the web. For example, Punchbowl allows you to choose whichever design you want, customize it, and then send it electronically off to guests without having to worry about anything getting lost in the mail.

You would save a ton of money on having to come up with your own design, needing to purchase any additional tools or machinery, and on postage! With so many cute options out there, it might be worth considering if you're really trying to penny pinch.

Accented Invitations


If you're looking to add a little something special to each invitation then you can hop online and find out how to add accents to your invitations.

This one here provided by Polka Dot gives step-by-step instructions on how to include buckle accents to your wedding invites so you can add a dash of elegance. She wove a bit of white ribbon into a buckle and placed them on the invitations, which made them look professionally made and totally classy. With such few steps on how to accomplish this yourself, there isn't any reason not to give this a try if you want to add to your invites!

Pop Culture Invitations

roll of film

There are so many ways for you to include your own forms of pop culture references into wedding invitations. These people here made their invitation into their own form of a CD. They created their own album art with the help from some friends and included a DVD in it as well. The creator talks a little bit more about how they put their invitation together and the RSVP card, but the steps are all laid out on how they did it!

There are also wedding invitation ideas out there that come in the form of movie tickets in case you and your partner are movie buffs or just enjoy the aesthetic of an old-school movie ticket.

Unique Invitations

If you're looking to have something that accentuates the personalities of you and your partner then there's no better time to choose a unique wedding invitation! Some of our favorite ideas are these ones here.

Library Card Invitations

library card wedding invite

These ones are perfect if you're both bookworms who love to read! There are several things you can do with this one, which only adds to the creativity behind them. You can have typewriter font next to date stamps of important events or you can have different fonts for different dates. The great thing about the latter is that the invitations take on more of library card feel with so many different fonts on it.

You can even have the dates be stamped in different colors to add to the variety of the card. There are lots of things that you can do to make it your own, which makes this invitation one of the most creative out there!

Diner Invitations

diner menu wedding invite

If you're looking to travel back to the '50s then you don't need to look any further than this design here by Jenn Hergert. This fantastic design not only looks like a diner menu, but its simplistic invite doesn't have all the unnecessary accents you sometimes see in wedding invitations. If you're looking to save some money while also getting the bare essentials down then something like this invitation is more up your alley.

This invite also comes with coasters, so talk about an added bonus!

Simple Invitations

simple wedding invite

You know, when you hear "unique wedding invitation ideas" you might think of something really cool that no one's done before or something that really speaks to the personality. But with all the options out there, sometimes one of the most unique things to do is just to keep it simple. This simple design here allows for you to have an elegant invite that isn't too flashy. You also don't need to bust your hump trying to think of which font to use, which paper to choose, or which design works best for the both of you. Sometimes, simple is best.

Vinyl Invitations

record wedding invite

Any music lovers out there? If so, then a record sleeve and vinyl wedding invitation are sure to get guests talking! You can stick the invitation on the record itself and when guests slide it out of the sleeve they'll be able to see all the details of your wedding! What's great about this one too is that you can add whatever cover art you want to the record sleeve, so this is really a chance for you to be creative with it!

Newspaper Invitations

newspaper wedding invite

For those who want to give their guests a little blast from the past, this newspaper-themed wedding invitation teleports your guests back to the time of milkmen and twine on newspapers! You can write all the details of the wedding and provide people with a little story about you and your significant other. This person here presented important information like RSVP times and attractions as advertisements in the paper. The possibilities for what you'd like to do with your section of the paper are pretty much endless!

Those are some of the ones that we like best and hopefully, they've sparked some inspiration as to what you'd like to do with your own invitations. Try not to get too overwhelmed with all the options out there as your wedding is bound to be a massive hit regardless!

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