It's never too early to think about Mother's Day! Though we're probably wondering which flowers or box of chocolates to get for our moms, we all know that mothers tend to ask for very little. That's what makes them so special and important; they give their hearts to us and seldom ask for anything in return. So in addition to a wonderful present, spend a little more time writing a touching message to your mother that will remind her how much you love her.

Opt For A Different Kind Of Card

You may find that you have lots of things to say to your mother once you start writing. Yes, the messages inside of Hallmark cards already do a good chunk of the work for you, but writing a message in a blank card puts the focus on what you have to say rather than anyone else.

Of course, you could also make your own Mother's Day card, which not only counts as part of her present but also shows just how much time and effort you put into showing your love for her. Mothers enjoy homemade things and tokens of affection that we pour a little piece of ourselves into. There's a reason she still has all of our macaroni art from kindergarten.

a woman writing on a blank sheet of paper

Messages To Mom

Okay, so maybe you're not so good with words. But you don't need to worry because here are a few ideas to help get you started. Remember that these are only starting points. Don't just copy ones from the internet!

Memories: You can always include a memory that you and your mother share to make your card more special. You can preface it with a joke ("Remember that time I fell into the koi pond...") or you can begin your message with a kind reminder ("I'll never forget that time you did \_\ for me..."). Including a memory that you and your mother shared lets her know that you hold your memories just as close to your heart as she does.

Compliments: Nothing beats an honest compliment to your mother. Oftentimes we take for granted the things that they do for us and it's high-time we told them how much we respect them for their deeds. Depending on your personality and the personality of your mother, there are a few different ways that you can take this approach. You can tease her about how she's had to put up with your all these years or you can lovingly thank her for her devotion and undying love for you.

You can also focus on the things that you admire the most in your mother. Perhaps it's her perseverance, her dedication, her strength, or her humor that get you through the day and remind you why you cherish her so much. Tell her how you feel. Let her know that her greatest qualities are ones you hope to inherit from her.

Gratitude: The best thing that you can do for your mother is to thank her. She has made you countless meals over the years, applied a couple thousand bandages, cried with you, laughed with you, and shared many memories with you. She carried you around for nine months and took care of you before you even really knew how to do it yourself. Even though she drives you crazy sometimes, no one's going to have the same kind of love that a mother does and you should thank her for that.

a notepad with flowers, incense, a pen, and a candle surrounding it

Messages To Grandma

Let's not forget that some grandmothers play just as big a role in this day as moms do. Grandmothers spoil us, love us, tell us incredible stories that happened decades ago, and never forget what our favorite meal is. Writing them a card is just as important as writing one to your mother. Here are a few things to consider when penning a message to grandma:

Spoiling: Your mom and grandmother have definitely squabbled over the years about how much your grandmother gives you. Whether it's a dollar bill here or a little present there, we're pretty much always on their mind. They make you your favorite dinners, bake your favorite goodies, and smother you with hugs. You can thank your grandmother for everything that she's given and done for you throughout your life and Lord knows she deserves a little gratitude for it.

Strength: Our grandmothers grew up in much different times than we did and they've seen things we could never imagine. Some of our grandmothers have survived wars, economy collapses, the death of spouses, starvation, immigration, and a plethora of other hardships. You obviously don't need to remind them of these things, but you can compliment their strength in other ways. Letting them know how much you admire them and how you hope to, one day, be as strong as them is a simple way to tell them how much you respect them.

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Messages To Other Women In Your Life

We shouldn't forget about those in our lives who are like mothers to us. Regardless of what the day's title may imply, Mother's Day can be celebrated by anyone who has been like a mother to you or someone who has offered you support throughout the years. Whether it be an aunt, a step-mother, an older sister, or a "second mom," these women deserve just as much appreciation and here are a few things you can focus on:

Dedication: It takes a certain amount of patience and loyalty to be there for someone constantly, no matter what they're going through. Take the time to thank these women for being there for you when you felt that no one else was, always being a shoulder to cry on, for helping you smile when you felt your worst, or reminding you how loved you are. If you're someone who isn't good with sentimentality then you can joke a bit, thanking them for listening to any silly problems or for helping you finish that bottle of wine during your breakup.

Loyalty: There are some things that you just can't tell anyone else. These are the women you trust to listen to you, offer advice, and keep your secrets locked away tight. They were there to listen to you when you thought you couldn't turn to anyone else and this is something they should be thanked for. You can let them know that you never forgot what advice they offered you or how they said something that not only cheered you up but changed your life. Tell them how you appreciate them being there for you and remind them that you'll always be there to do the same for them.

Whoever you may be writing to this year, these are just some of the ideas to get you going and to help you give one of the most heartfelt cards your recipient has ever received!

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