Dinner dates and movie nights are the classic, tried-and-true activities for a get-together with your significant other, but there are so many unique ideas to try that can shake up your date nights for relatively low costs. A little bit of creativity can go a long way in turning romantic lulls into thrilling memories. Check out these various date ideas that are sure to transform your routine:

Plan A One-Day Road Trip

person driving down the road with their arm out the window

If you both have a free day to spare, try locating a nearby city, small town, park or attraction that neither of you has ever visited and go explore. Check to see if there are activities happening that appeal to both of you -- whether you stumble upon a flea market or a tasty local restaurant, you're guaranteed an adventure outside of your ordinary routine. While the location itself will be a treat, a huge part of the fun in any road trip is planning the day, gathering whatever supplies you'll need and spending time together on the car ride.

Have A Karaoke Night

woman singing karaoke at a bar

You don't have to have a Grammy-worthy voice to enjoy singing -- with your best friend by your side, and some liquid courage, belting out your favorite hits in public can become a great date night idea. Pick an over-the-top duet, get up there with your partner and let 'er rip. If you're scared that your singing voice might not be good, worry not -- bad karaoke is the best karaoke.

Take A Dance Class Together

couples taking a dance class together
Iakov Filimonov/Shutterstock

Nothing is sure to spice up the love lifelike a night out with your beloved, gracefully jumping and jiving while desperately trying not to trip over your own feet. Dance classes get you and your partner active in an intimate environment where you both walk away with a new skill. It's a date night worth investing in.

Picnic In The Park

couple on a picnic with a basket, blanket and wine

Picnics are easy, inexpensive and a great way to get out and enjoy a beautiful day with your loved one. Not only would a pleasant picnic lunch get you out of the house and into the sun, but it also provides an opportunity to show off your cooking skills -- in fact, preparing the food for your picnic together is a wonderful way to spend even more time together. Pack some red wine, fancy cheeses and a delicious baguette to start the meal off right and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Go To A Comedy Show

couple laughing at a show
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No matter what other life problems may be weighing on your mind, a night devoted to laughter is sure to make both of you feel better. Planning a night out around seeing a professional comedy show is the perfect way to make some memories. Find out if your partner prefers stand-up comedy, improvisation or sketch comedy and find a show that fits their desires. Be sure to do some research on the comedian performing so that their jokes fit both your senses of humor -- you don't want to take your reserved significant other to see an especially crass comedian.

Go To A Carnival

ticket booth and carousel at a carnival

When the summer rolls around, so do the carnivals. Carnival dates are great for a variety of reasons -- they conjure up feelings of childlike wonder and provide hours worth of activities to keep the night from ever getting dull. With a plethora of games to play, rides to scream about and junk food to try, carnivals keep the good vibes coming. No matter what your mood may be, an evening spent out the carnival is sure to satiate it and leave both you and your partner feeling warm and fuzzy in the process.

See A Screening Of An Old Movie

vintage movie projector
Noel Powell/Shutterstock

Check your local cinemas and see if they have old movies playing on the big screen -- tickets for these showings are generally cheap and you get to see classic films on the silver screen as they were meant to be seen. It adds a twist to a regular movie date while saving you some cash and helping film buffs catch up on their history.

Screenings of movies such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Room have a certain degree of audience participation, so if you see those films playing nearby, do some research so that you come to the theater prepared.

Have A Board Game Night

close up of monopoly board with dice, cards and car

For the quieter couples who might prefer date night to be a night in, playing board games is the go-to option. A good game of Monopoly is always fun for the more competitive couples, while games such as Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity offer simple and hilarious fun. Pick a game that fits your guys' mood, gather the snacks (or whip together a nice cheese board if you want to make your night in a little fancier) and have a nice of friendly competition.

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